Report: Drew Brees suffered a “rib contusion”

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The mystery regarding the health of Saints quarterback Drew Brees is moving closer to a resolution. Unless it isn’t.

Brees had a shoulder injury entering Sunday’s game against the 49ers. On Sunday, the team said he suffered a “ribs injury.” Brees himself called it an “accumulative thing.”

NFL Media reports Brees suffered a “rib [not ribs] contusion,” and that he’ll have an MRI to determine cartilage damage on Monday. Per the report, the team is bracing for Brees “to miss some time to fully heal.”

It could be that, like Peyton Manning in 2015, Brees has so many different issues that the best way to proceed entails Brees not playing at all.

Regardless, it currently seems that, for the second straight year, Brees will miss one or more games due to injury.

23 responses to “Report: Drew Brees suffered a “rib contusion”

  1. A rib cartilage injury is definitely painful, hard to move your arm or shoulders.
    I’d like to see some of the keyboard warriors try to play NFL football with one.
    Brees is a tough guy, I believe he has missed under 10 games total since junior year in High School at Westlake (1995)

  2. Surprised that there was a flag on what was otherwise a clean sack. Too bad that Brees was hurt, but he was tackled by a very big human.

    Maybe it’s time for him to hang’em up.

  3. I think a pre-existing injury was exacerbated. Why else would the super heavy flak jacket/rib protector be worn prior to start of this game. He was clearly shown wearing it during warm up.

  4. Drew Brees is one of the Protected Class of NFL quarterbacks who cannot be sacked without a disproportionate risk of getting flagged for roughing the passer. Lesser QB’s get sacked like that all the time with no flag thrown. It makes one savor those awful Saints’ playoff losses of the last couple of years, and we’re likely to see them make a quick playoff exit again this year.

  5. For the sake of the Saints fans I hope Hill is a decent Qb because if they roll out with ‘roller coaster’ Winston your season is in great jeopardy!

  6. gokafilm says:
    November 16, 2020 at 10:10 am
    The GOAT (aka Tommy B) doesn’t miss any games


    Pretty sure Tommy B missed 15 1/2 games in 2008.

  7. Winston looked awful yesterday. Hill looked atrocious as QB. Good thing the next 3 games aren’t great teams.

  8. I got punched in the ribs sparring and yea it was bad. It gradually got worse over an hour to point it hurt to breath. I could hardly sleep, it sucked.

  9. As someone who has had separated rib cartilage it is extremely painful. You can’t move or sleep, it feels like trying to breath with a truck on your chest. It also takes several weeks to learn to live with as the cartilage doesn’t reattach without surgery.

  10. Bogus penalty on that play too, DL didn’t even land directly on him.
    15yds for the name on the back of the Jersey.

    Just get these Qbs flags already..

  11. Headline should be ‘Street gets robbed’. Awesome sack that didn’t go on his stat sheet.Its a shame you put the work in just to see a zebra steal it from you. Shout out to you Kentavious!

  12. Winston was Winston. Padded his stats with checkdowns and underneath stuff to Kamura et al, overthrow to WR Thomas who was open, hit a shocked SF defender in his hands. Almost fumbled, wrecklessly carried the ball, slow and sacked twice. After the game he said he was comfortable. LOL Bucs fan here, and I know Drew Brees is a Class Act. I don’t like to see him injured cuz he’s the man. But he is a division rival, and there is no one I’d rather have run the Saints O right now as a Bucs fan than Turnover Machine Jameis Winsnot. Saints fans can’t be happy with that.

  13. Street was robbed. He put most of his weight to the side. The zebras called the penalty because Brees got hurt. Brees gets a lot of those calls.

    I watched other games where they put more weight on the QB during the sack and no penalty was called.

  14. Robbed of a sack? This is a big thing to you when it has no effect on the game

    That sack would have given the ball back to the Niners. Instead, the Saints got first and goal. That is a huge turn around.

  15. Big suprise here remember the Ahmad Brooks hit on him in 2012 that cost us home field in playoffs Brees is rarely sacked but when he is a flag usually follows. Did anyone else watch the red just pull flag and drop on ground well after brees was down almost like he knew he didn’t want to be seen throwing it I mean usually on roughing passer they throw it 15 yards not drop it at there feet nonchalantly

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