Sean McDermott: Game shouldn’t have come down to Hail Mary

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins made the biggest play of Sunday’s 32-30 win over the Bills when they hooked up for a 43-yard Hail Mary with two seconds left on the clock.

The score came after a Stefon Diggs touchdown put the Bills up with 34 seconds left in the game. That score ended a run of five straight Buffalo drives that ended without points. They punted three times and Josh Allen threw two interceptions over that stretch and Bills head coach Sean McDermott lamented those missed opportunities after the dramatic finish.

“They made the play, the special play they had to make to win the game and beat us,” McDermott said, via the team’s website. “But that game should not have come down to that play and, unfortunately, it did. So, we take our lumps, we live by it and we learn from it and it’s got to drive you harder, man. It’s got to drive us all harder to want it more.”

The Bills remain in first place in the AFC East, but the Dolphins are nipping at their heels after a fifth straight win and it should be an interesting stretch run for Buffalo once they return from their Week 11 bye.

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  1. It was an awesome, 1 in 100 play – I’m happy for Cards fans. They’ve been on the wrong end of heartbreak, as well.

    Tough loss for my team, but McD is 100% on this one. It’s the kind of thing you want the team to look back on in January or (hopefully) February and say, “I’m glad that happened.” It can break a bad team, but make a good team great. It’s all how you respond to it.

    Bills are still in excellent shape. It’s great to be in the thick of a good division fight this late in the year.

  2. MacDermott’s not wrong.
    35 yards of penalties immediately after a turnover is NOT “Playoff Caliber”.

    Stay hungry and humble, Bills. Learn from your mistakes (like how about NOT taking the 3rd quarter off, AGAIN!), rest and heal, and come back ready for the final sprint.

    Go Bills!

  3. I’ve watched the replay 40 times. Tre has the ball coming out and would’ve made the play if Poyer doesn’t blast Tre in the ribs and clears him off Hopkins.

    This hurts.

  4. The cards could say the same thing. In the first half they had to settle for 3 FG’s from the red-zone that should have been TD’s.

  5. Any coach or fan that thinks losing creates learning moments are simply doing a poor job of rationalizing a loss.

  6. “Any coach or fan that thinks losing creates learning moments are simply doing a poor job of rationalizing a loss.”

    I mean, sports history has countless example of painful losses fueling future success.

  7. He needs to worry about the defense….the only time they gave up less than 21 points were the two games they played the Jets. In 6 of their 10 games, they have given up 26 points or more, with 4 of those being over 30 points.

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