Allen Robinson’s agent: Throw him the damn ball in the red zone

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When there were conflicting reports about whether Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson asked for a trade earlier this year, Robinson’s agent Brandon Parker said that he had not requested a deal but that he was “unhappy that Chicago has been unwilling to pay him market value for wide receivers.”

Parker had something else to be unhappy about on Monday night. Parker was busy on Twitter while the Bears were on their way to a 19-13 loss to the Vikings and the lack of throws to Robinson in the red zone was his focus.

“Throw 12 the Damn Ball in the Redzone! JUST ONCE! My goodness,” Parker wrote.

Parker followed that up by asking “should he not be the first read in the redzone 99% of the time” and called the Bears the only team in the league that doesn’t throw to their top wideout in such situations. He went on to say that he thinks Nick Foles is a good quarterback, but that the playcalling is a “head scratcher” and that no quarterback could thrive behind the Bears’ offensive line.

Parker also shared his feeling that Bears fans deserve better and it’s pretty clear he believes Robinson deserves something different as well. With free agency on the horizon, Robinson could look for it somewhere else.

17 responses to “Allen Robinson’s agent: Throw him the damn ball in the red zone

  1. His agent sounds like a tool. I’m not sure what he thinks “market value” is for a WR but Robinson is the 17th highest paid WR in the league and is making $13M this year ($15M with the pro-rated bonus). He’s ranked eighth in yards receiving and sixth in catches. Is he out-performing his contract? Probably but it’s not like he’s only making peanuts. Railing on the Bears like he did on Twitter verges on childish. Robinson should tell his agent to get off Twitter.

  2. With the issues the Bears have on offense (offensive line, quarterback), I’m glad they refused to offer Robinson $20 million per year like he was asking. Elite receivers aren’t helpful when your quarterback doesn’t have time to throw them the ball. Take the compensatory pick and move on after this year.

  3. He’s 1000% correct. How many times did the ESPN crew say something about how the Vikings “give their best receiver, Adam Theilen, the ball in the redzone.” “This is Adam Theilen territory” and they were 1000% right about that.

  4. I guess the agent plays fantasy football and didn’t watch the game yesterday. To throw to the endzone, you have to have time to throw. The Bears Oline couldn’t even chip block pressure in shotgun formations.

  5. Dam right the bears fans deserve better. Where is the running backs. You got one decent guy and he gets hurts and your improvising in like game 3????? The Vikes have two very good backs behind Delvin Cook just for that reason.
    You cannot ask any QB to stand in that lack of pocket and pass all night because there is no run game. Its a mess. The defense is playing darn good football but the offense is just awful.

  6. I’m not a fan of whiney WRs but he’s the only one on the offense worth a damn. It’s not like he’s pulling an AB and trying to get away from an elite QB.

  7. Robinson has had a career where he has never played with an above average NFL QB and I can imagine that his frustration is increasing. However, if he or any other player is expecting a free agent contract windfall next season with the cap decrease they are in for a rather rude awakening.

  8. Robinson made the mistake of signing with the Bears after his time in Jacksonville. Hopefully next time around he’s smart and picks a team with a stable QB situation, even if he takes less money, it might be nice to have a chance to win something.

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