Bears QB Nick Foles being evaluated for leg, hip injury

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy said quarterback Nick Foles is still being evaluated for possible leg or hip injuries sustained late in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Foles was thrown to the ground by Vikings defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo on the first play of Chicago’s final offensive possession of the night. Foles remained down after the play and had to be carted off the field.

“They’re still looking at him. You know, it was his leg or his hip,” Nagy told reporters after the game. “So I think they’re still working through the details on that. I have not talked to him yet.

“I know he’s upset. It’s been frustrating. It’s been hard and that’s the part that’s difficult through all of this because no one wants it more than him to be out there, to fight with his teammates. So we’ll keep an eye on that.”

While Nagy didn’t have the full update on Foles immediately after the game, he did say that Foles was hurting quite a bit from the play.

“When I got out there right away (on the field), I wasn’t sure what it was,” Nagy said. “I didn’t know if it was like his ribs or shoulder or what. And then when I saw the amount of pain he was in on the ground… I hope he’s OK but he was in a lot of pain. He’s a tough dude and he was in a lot of pain. And when you see that, you’re down there with him, you feel for him just because you don’t know how good or bad it is. So that part is hard.”

The Bears will have two weeks to figure out what will happen at quarterback as they now reach their bye. Nagy said there’s a chance Mitchell Trubisky could be ready to return from his shoulder injury following the break but wasn’t certain of that timeline. Trubisky injured his shoulder two weeks ago, which is why Tyler Bray served as Foles’ backup against the Vikings.

“I don’t know yet about Mitch,” Nagy said. “I think there’s a possibility but I don’t know that for sure. I think it’s going to be day-by-day. I don’t know if he knows that. We’ll just keep an eye on that obviously with Nick’s status.”

9 responses to “Bears QB Nick Foles being evaluated for leg, hip injury

  1. Pederson’s gonna need somebody to hang out with and talk “Philly Special” once he’s fired…

  2. Foles couldn’t even get up and walk off the field. Not a doctor, but I’d guess it was more than “wind knocked out of him”.

  3. Everybody likes Nick. Not a great qb, maybe not even a good one, but hell, he is a SB MVP. He delivered on that one day that meant the most.

  4. Three years in, it’s still only the defense that is functioning.

    It’s time to hit reboot and hand the keys to Mark Sadowski and Chuck Pagano.

  5. Maybe MT won’t get better and T Bray is the next man up? What a disaster M Nagy has coached up….never should have benched M Trubisky for the following games. Benching him against Atlanta was the right call considering the W, but from taht game on it has proven to have been a terrible call. Basicaly, 5 losses and realisticaly out of the Division and the playoffs looking like a pipe dream! But what happens if M Trubisky comes in and the Bears go on a win rampage and somehow make it to the playoffs? Or will they win a couple with Trubisky only to have M Nagy bench him again as soon as N Foles is deemed healthy to play and miss the whole shebang?

  6. Man gets injured and in severe pain.
    Poster ignores man’s pain and makes the issue about himself.

    This is what we’ve become and it’s disappointing and sad.

    More empathy and love, please. Get well soon Nick.

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