Cowboys are using a bubble for coaches and staff

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NFL players are unionized. Non-player employees are not. Which makes it much easier for NFL teams to tell non-player employees what to do, when it comes to the pandemic.

That’s precisely what the Cowboys are doing. Via Todd Archer of, all Cowboys coaches and staff are staying at a hotel connected to the team’s practice facility.

Owner Jerry Jones didn’t specifically mention a mini-bubble when discussing the team’s COVID-19 protocols during a Tuesday morning appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

“We’re going in a more intense way and we’re having our coaches restrict their activities away from the field and restrict their contacts away from the field,” Jones said, via Archer. “We’re having all staff that touch a player do that. That’s in addition to what the NFL is doing.”

It’s unclear whether Jones himself is staying at the hotel. Although he’s the owner, he’s also the General Manager. Regardless, Jones is being vigilant, wearing two masks and assuming everyone with whom he comes into contact has the virus.

“Don’t let your guard down because tomorrow all of that could change,” Jones said. “And that’s a fact. Don’t let me think for one second we’ve got the key to how to not have this COVID outbreak. We don’t. But the things we’re doing are working here.”

It’s easier to make thing work when non-player employees can be told that they’ll be staying in a hotel, away from their families, even if the non-player employees would prefer to go home. Jones presumably would have the players do it, if he could.

As the pandemic continues to worsen, there could be a renewed push for a mandatory home-market bubble in Dallas and elsewhere. Somehow, the league is holding the season together. As more and more positive cases emerges, however, there’s a chance that one or more teams will have too many players on the COVID-19 reserve list, preventing a game from being played.

9 responses to “Cowboys are using a bubble for coaches and staff

  1. You’ve been crying for the league to go to a bubble for weeks. Now that Jones is trying to lay the groundwork, your first response is that Jerry has to get union approval for the players to agree? Weren’t the players complaining at various times that the league isn’t doing enough to protect them from the virus? You’d think the players would be on board for any plan designed to keep them out of harms way. there are too many people in the world that don’t want to do anything unless it was their idea.

  2. Smart move by Jones to keep business rolling. Obviously some still want to rip on him for being smart.

  3. Honestly, this is not a bad idea at all. You can’t keep the player’s in a bubble because the NFLPA will object but coaches and staff members really don’t have such an association.

    Wonder if more teams will follow suit.

  4. Nothing prevents players from joining a voluntary bubble. Union agreement is needed for a mandatory bubble.

  5. I am shocked that the NFL has so successful to this point at putting on games.

  6. Interesting that Jones holds a view so visibly different than the orange guy in DC, with whom he’s normally aligned. The Cowbubble is a smart business movie. It sucks for the staff who can’t visit their families, but his job is to protect his investment. The NBA bubble worked well. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jerry’s doing what he can to accommodate people the best that he can. And I’m not a fan of his by any stretch.

    A lot of states are now requiring people to self-quarantine if they travel. This is going to be a tough holiday for most families. At least these coaches are still working.

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