Drew Brees says he’ll “be back in no time” in instagram post


While the injuries Drew Brees sustained in Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers were serious, his response to them on social was considerably less so.

Brees made light of the broken ribs and collapsed lung he suffered on Sunday in a posting to his instagram account. He enlisted the help of his children for the posting which said he’ll be back shortly.

Who Dat Nation: I’ve got the best medical team in the world…will be back in no time!” Brees wrote.

The photo has three of Brees’ four children circled around him tending to his medical needs “examining” him.

Brees has a total of five fractured ribs after X-rays on Sunday determined the extent of the injuries. Three of the broken ribs actually came the week prior against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He appeared to be injured midway through the second quarter when sacked by defensive tackle Kentavius Street. Street was penalized with a roughing the passer penalty for landing hard on top of Brees.

Brees finished out the half but deferred to Jameis Winston for the rest of the game.

4 responses to “Drew Brees says he’ll “be back in no time” in instagram post

  1. I can’t imagine how many painkillers he was on to know he had 5 broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

    Someone should look into how many meds he was given to keep him playing.

    Also, that should not have been a roughing the passer penalty, the player did not put his body weight on him. The problem is that Brees is fragile at his age.

  2. I’m not surprised about the punctured lung. Brees had the same look on his face on the sideline that Tony Romo had on his face after Romo punctured his lung in San Francisco in 2011.

  3. “The problem is that Brees is fragile at his age.” So fragile that he went back in with 5 busted ribs and a collapsed lung and threw 5 for 6 in a two-minute touchdown drive? It can be debated as to if it was a penalty. The unpenalized head shot on Trequan Smith that gave him a concussion should have gotten the DB kicked out of the game.

  4. Here’s Drew Brees’ situation and I really feel bad for him. I know Brees wants to rush back but you can’t rush a punctured lung into healing faster. Winston will be starter and you lose Taysom Hill, bc he’s the only backup they have. They can’t send him running full back dives and lining up to catch passes. Unfortunately, we knew that if Brees goes down, you lose your Swiss Army knife and that’s a huge loss. If J-Winston gets the job done, and the ‘Wins’ keep coming, and they are closing in on the 1 seed, how do you pull a quarterback that found some rhythm? On the flip side, JW can’t get the job done, and they fall too far behind Tampa and that one seed is obviously gone, do you play Brees wildcard weekend, if he can even go??? So, let’s say the Saints get to the Super Bowl and they win it. Brees gets honorable mention with a clipboard in his hand. It’s hardly the way you want him to end his HOF career. I just don’t see another season in him.

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