Jamal Adams says he “fought depression” with Jets

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Jamal Adams missed four games with a groin injury and the team has lost by double digits in his first two games back in the lineup, so it’s fair to say his first year with the Seahawks hasn’t gone exactly as hoped.

They’re still 6-3, however, and that gives this season a leg up on the three that Adams spent with the Jets. The team was 16-32 in those seasons and Adams said on the All Things Covered podcast that he “fought depression” while he was a member of the team.

Adams said the losing “took a toll on my life outside of football” and that his father, former NFL player George Adams, wanted to see him in a new environment.

“They do not want to win,” Adams said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “Let’s be honest, the Jets were the laughingstock. [In Seattle], this is how the NFL is supposed to be. This is the dream I was dreaming.”

Adams’ bad feelings only went so far because he was pushing for a new deal with the Jets despite the losing, but it didn’t come and the Jets got a pair of first-round picks to help Adams live his dream in another town.

19 responses to “Jamal Adams says he “fought depression” with Jets

  1. When able to be on the field, he has shown he will be valuable to the Seahawks, when able to be on the field.

  2. So, honestly that was one of the best moves the Jest could make. They need to build their Lines. Build inside out. Paying safeties and corners and wide receivers millions when they cant protect their QB or rush the QB is meaningless.

  3. My running joke is that the Jets are a money laundering front for the Johnsons. Its getting a little hard to convince myself that it’s just a joke.

  4. Keep crying Jamal, seems like that’s all you do. Good riddance, hopefully you can stay healthy and get that 20 million salary you think that you deserve. Unlikely though.

  5. Adams ripping the Jets every week would sound better if the Seahawks weren’t maybe the worst defense in the league.

  6. I am sure there are just a few Jets fans suffering from depression as well for many, many years.

  7. Jamal Adams, Fireman Ed, Joe Benigno walk into a bar together….
    And nobody even notices.

  8. What the Jets need to do is get rid of the “me me me ” guys. Getting rid of Jamal Adams is a nice start!

  9. The mark of a TRUE professional is to make whatever situation your in, good or Bad, is to do YOUR best… also help the people AROUND you be better also. You just when whine…and now your hurt all the time in Seattle. Douglas was smart to get all those draft picks for him.

  10. Then why ask for more money to stay?..Just another lame excuse and reason to bag on his former team, no respect for his kind

  11. Hey Jamal, you were only there three years and got paid for it. Try being a Jet fan for 50 years, not receiving a dime and spending a lot of money on Tums.

  12. How many readers here would be depressed if they were told: As a 21 year old You will be paid $22 million and get a chance to play football. I’d cry all the way to the bank.

  13. Working somewhere you absolutely do not want to be will grind you down, regardless of what you’re being paid.

  14. Yeah no one wants to here about your depression. All that “privilege” huh. Your millionaire problems. That million dollar money that free market supply/demand/capitalism got you, that you prob spend your free time protesting about

  15. you see that “business move” he pulled in the rams game, didn;t even try for the tackle…lol you traded 2 first rd picks for a dude with no heart who quit when the chips were down on his old team….bravo

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