Jon Gruden on victory lap question: “This is ridiculous, next question”


Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Raiders coach Jon Gruden are former colleagues and close friends. Currently, the friendship is being tested, a bit.

Reid seemed to be not very pleased regarding the decision of the Raiders to take a victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium in their team bus after beating the Chiefs there earlier this year.

Gruden didn’t seem to be happy with the topic, when he was asked about it by reporters on Monday.

“You could find a smart-aleck bus driver in Kansas City who made some snide comments when we got on the bus,” Gruden said. “Maybe that’s why we drove around the stadium, to tick him off. You know, this is ridiculous, next question.

Of course, he answered the question before saying “next question.” And it’s hard to fault Gruden for being concerned that he may have poked the bear unnecessarily.

20 responses to “Jon Gruden on victory lap question: “This is ridiculous, next question”

  1. Say what you will about Gru-Dog but the Raiders are tough, kinda playing that old school style with running 70 percent of the time, and it’s working. I’m quite sure him and Mayock know “a little bit” about football

  2. “And it’s hard to fault Gruden for being concerned that he may have poked the bear unnecessarily.”

    That’s your take on this?
    I’d say the more obvious take is, “gamesmanship exists… next question”.

  3. It does appear to be a bush league move by Chucky. I don’t really have a problem with it but I don’t think it was necessary. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs are highly-motivated and run up the score on Chucky. Like the article said, he poked the bear.

  4. It is a ridiculous question. It was funny to do the victory lap. Reid and Gruden are old pals from Green Bay coaching days. Newsflash – we are still allowed to have fun in life people and this victory lap was great. I got a laugh out of it.

  5. Reading both comments I don’t think this relationship is being tested one bit. Rather two competitive friends having some fun. This is hilarious. I’m not a fan of either team but love it. The NFL is sports entertainment. It needs more fun in it.

  6. People might be overestimating the effect of this victory lap thing. KC has undeniably great star power but they are not consistently playing up to that potential. That’s on their coach and their team leaders. Maybe focus on fixing that?

  7. So Gruden is admitting he let a bus driver get under his skin. He’s the one who looks ridiculous and should be embarrassed.

  8. Don’t even say that’s not the chiefs “style” Andy! they are a flashy bunch and you are just mad they go whooped by the raiders! Raiders will do a victory drive down the strip Sunday night just be ready for it

  9. My answer would have been, “I leave the bus driving to the bus driving professionals. I don’t micromanage our bus driver so ask him at his next press conference if it’s that important to you.”

  10. Andy is right, it’s not their style, driving around a parking lot is mild compared to Kelce, Hill, and the defense running their mouths all week and all game. The chiefs have talent, but everybody knows they aren’t classy. Character isn’t required to be on that roster

  11. Didn’t I read on here recently that Sean Payton and the Saints do this regularly when they win on the road? Seems to be a thing, I like it!

  12. Gruden’s not the first Raider coach to approve of a stunt like that. It was a favorite tactic of Madden’s and was Davis approved, back in the day.

    AFC West needs two strong teams anyway. It’s been boring watching the Chiefs steamroll division opponents every year since Reid arrived.

    Boring, but it never got old.

    KC won the last game at the black hole and they gonna win the inaugural game at the death star too.


  13. Well isn’t that nice Chucky!!!! Hate to tell you but the Architect who built your new stadium in Las Vegas, left a nice parting gift for you in the cement floor, Jan Stenerud Hall-of-Famer, Chiefs kicker, works with them and planted a Chiefs Championship banner there for you!!!

  14. Who cares if they did a lap around Arrowhead?
    They beat us. Beat them and do two laps up and down the strip.
    Problem solved.

  15. Andy isn’t the type of coach that runs up the score on opposing teams, but something tells me Andy is going to keep the pedal to the metal against the Raiders. I could see the Chiefs try to put up a 50 burger against the Raiders if for nothing else to send a clear message to the rest of the league that the Chiefs still are the defending Superbowl Champs and the best team in the league, plus its the Raiders and the Chiefs hate the Raiders.

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