Jordan Howard clears waivers

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As if it weren’t already obvious that the Dolphins overpaid for running back Jordan Howard this offseason, the 31 other teams have taken a pass on picking up his salary for the rest of the season.

Howard cleared waivers today, making him a free agent.

This offseason the Dolphins signed Howard to a two-year, $9.75 million contract, including $4.75 million guaranteed. Any team claiming him would have had to pay him the $720,000 remaining on this year’s salary, and no one wanted to pay that.

The 26-year-old Howard, who has 28 carries for 33 yards this season, will now hope that some team is looking for some veteran depth — and that a team thinks he can play a whole lot better elsewhere than he did in Miami.

14 responses to “Jordan Howard clears waivers

  1. His best years were in Chicago. Not sure why they got rid of him, they could sure use him now.

  2. He’s averaging 1.2 yards per carry? I’m pretty sure you could just fall down and do about that good.

  3. To be fair to Howard, Miami is still not a good running team. His OL were mostly new from last year and they without a preseason, had some growing pains. Especially in the running scheme. Howard is a hit the hole quickly type of runner. Gaskin was better at waiting for holes to open. I think with Tua and the play action, that is opening up more for guys like Gaskin and Ahmed. Those guys succeeding caused Howard’s exit.

    He is still a good runner and teams with good run blocking schemes will get production out of him, no doubt…

  4. Howard did very well for Da Bears. I’m still not sure why they let him go as he was a decent runner who worked well with Cohen. Bears then drafted another decent runner in Montgomery and STILL don’t use him properly. I’m sorry for Howard and he should catch on with another team very soon (Seahawks on Line 1, Cowboys on Line 2 – LOL!!)

  5. He’s averaging 1.2 yards per carry? I’m pretty sure you could just fall down and do about that good.

    99.9% of guys in here probably couldn’t get to the line of scrimage, let alone gain a yard.
    Including myself.

  6. Average is low because they use him as a short yardage guy.

    Good move for Miami, but Chicago needs to look at him. Maybe Seattle or SF until their backs come back.

  7. In Miami, Howard was used more like a FB than a RB he usually carried it on 3rd and short or on the goal line. If you only need 1.2 yards to cross the end zone or move the chains when that’s usually where they give you the ball, that’s going to be your YPC avg. They never really gave him the opportunity to be the feature back. Plus I saw them attempt to run the stretch with him a few times, he’s not agile/quick enough to pull off that play, he’s best in the A or B gap. I hope he gets another shot to play, he’s still a young man who I think can be successful in the right offensive scheme.

    The fins want dynamic game changers that can peel off big chunk yardage, they don’t grind the ground game. I think it’s a mistake to cut him. If/when we get into a game, where it has to be ground and pound, we don’t have a RB that can handle that aspect of the game. Deandre Washington is the only RB on the 53 that weighs over 200 besides our FB, Chandler Cox at 240. I don’t see Cox getting 20+ carries in a ground and pound game.

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