Kirk Cousins got first Monday night win in 10 tries

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Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins‘ struggles in primetime games have been well documented over the years, but he was able to get a chance to feel how the other half lives on Monday night.

The Vikings outlasted the Bears for a 19-13 win that marked Cousins’ first victory in 10 starts on Monday night. While others have made a big deal out of Cousins’ record, the quarterback did not pin much extra significance to the win when asked about it in his postgame press conference.

“You know, for me it’s all about playing well and doing my part,” Cousins said. “I’ve played long enough to know there is not a lot you can control as a quarterback. The ball is in your hands, but so many things are out of your control. So you just do the best you can, play the best you can, and that’s where my focus always is.”

Cousins was 25-of-32 for 292 yards, two touchdowns and an interception on Monday night. The Vikings were particularly successful on third downs as they converted 8-of-15 against a defense that only allowed opponents to convert 31 percent of them heading into the game.

The win was the third straight for the 4-5 Vikings and the outlook for the season is a lot brighter than it was a month ago.

“I just think as the season goes on you start to figure out who you are and how you play and who you lean on,” Cousins said. “I think it’s been nice to kind of figure ourselves out, find an identity as we play through things.”

They’ll try to keep that winning identity in place against the Cowboys in Week 11.

10 responses to “Kirk Cousins got first Monday night win in 10 tries

  1. To be fair, someone had to win the game. For most of the game it looked like neither team wanted to win.

  2. He gets so much crap when lot of the Vikings issues is mire than the interceptions or fumbles you see, if they had lost everyone wasn’t going to talk about the fumble by the TE that took 7 away or the receiver that caused his lone interception, people act like it’s so many elite QBS in the league, if the Vikings can protect him and run they can go very far because he can make every throw, it’s about not been one dimensional cus sacks and interceptions are bound to happen especially if your oline is bad like the Vikings since he got there.

  3. These stats are just ridiculous. Half those games were with the Redskins where the defense lost the games, not the offense.

    He could win the next 6 MNF games and have a 7-9 record and your narrative would still be that he’s horrible on Monday games.

  4. “I’ve played long enough to know there is not a lot you can control as a quarterback.”

    That is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever read. The QB is, without a doubt, the most important position on a football team, bar none.

  5. I guess it always feels good to get a monkey off your back but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone celebrate a MNF win that much. 🙂

  6. Cousins played fine. Even the one INT wasn’t his fault, as it was through the hands of Thielen. But, they will need to continue to improve if they want to truly make some noise. The schedule favors them the next few weeks, but even if they reel off a few more wins, they will need to keep improving if they hope to win if/when they get into the playoffs. The Bears have a dreadful offense, and they still managed to just squeak by them in this game. Keep improving, and hope the results come.

  7. That’s a good thing, I guess? Thielen got his 2 TDs but otherwise was a butterfinger last night.

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