Bill Parcells endorses all-white road uniforms for Vikings

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On Monday night, the Vikings ditched their purple road pants, opting for a white-on-white look. Expect to see more of it, and not because of superstition.

Via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has gotten an endorsement for the all-whites from Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells.

Parcells and Zimmer remain in regular contact. Zimmer told reporters that Parcells liked the white-on-white uniform because he believed the offense could see them better.

The Vikings have three consecutive home games. The next chance to wear white jerseys and white pants will come in Week 14, when the Vikings visit the Buccaneers.

18 responses to “Bill Parcells endorses all-white road uniforms for Vikings

  1. As the home team, they could choose to wear whatever uniform they want for the next three games before the Bucs game.

  2. Why does he need an endorsement from a guy who quits every job he takes before his contact is up.. Zimmer needs to be concentrating on more pressing issues.

  3. The Vikings should stick with the white on white uniforms, not because of anything Parcells says, but because they look better than the white jersey/ purple pants combo. I loved the old white on white uniforms when they had the stripes over the shoulders back in the Anthony Carter/Chris Doleman days of my childhood. They need to bring those back…and ditch the matte helmets too…bring back the classic look….

  4. As a Vikings fan, I loved them too, reminded me of watching them as a kid in the 80’s and 90’s. Keep them!

  5. Not a Vikings fan, but I was thinking Monday night how much better I liked the all-white look over the purple pants. Then again, I’m an old-school guy who prefers classic and simple to today’s Nike circus look. I’m sure many will disagree, and that’s cool.

  6. This is without a doubt the final piece of the puzzle in getting the Vikings that elusive first-ever world championship.

  7. As another commenter posted; Bring back the shoulder stripes. Bring back the block numbering, too.

  8. The white-on-white look was the standard road uniform for decades until they started with the purple pants in 2013. (They also wore purple pants in 1964.) I never really liked the all-white until they went to the purple pants. Now I would love to have them go back to the classic uniforms.

  9. soundwave says:
    November 18, 2020 at 12:47 pm
    . They need to bring those back…and ditch the matte helmets too…bring back the classic look…

    Man, I am WITH YOU there. Been a Vikings fan for 50 years, and I have to say I absolutely HATE the current uniforms and color change.

    This lighter, brighter, WIMPY purple drives me crazy. I wish they would just REVERT to the older DARK PURPLE of the original days an up to the 80s.


  10. For years when they wore the purple pants it was a curse. Then Zimm switched to that look full time (with the exception at SF in 2015). I personally like both looks, go with whatever floats your boat.

  11. I like the purple pants better but I don’t mind the all white look for a change up.
    When they do it though the Vikings should bring back the shoulder stripes on the white jerseys.

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