Bruce Arians says Antonio Brown has been model citizen: “If and when he’s not, we’ll move on”

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may ultimately come to regret their decision to sign Antonio Brown. However, there’s no indication the team currently has buyer’s remorse despite the recent revelation of another incident involving Brown prior to his signing with Tampa Bay earlier this month.

Brown allegedly destroyed a surveillance camera and threw his bicycle at a security-guard shack in his Hollywood, Florida gated community prior to signing with the Buccaneers. The NFL is reviewing the incident as well to see if the actions violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Head coach Bruce Arians joined Sirius XM NFL Radio on Wednesday night and echoed the team’s statement saying that Brown has met all of their conditions since they decided to sign him.

We knew of the incident,” Arians said. “He’s been a model citizen. If and when he’s not, we’ll move on. He knows that. Our team knows that. I don’t really think we’re going to have any problems. We haven’t had any so far and I really would not anticipate any.”

Brown has played in two games for the Buccaneers. He’s caught 10 passes for 100 yards in total and had seven catches for 69 yards in last week’s win over the Carolina Panthers.

16 responses to “Bruce Arians says Antonio Brown has been model citizen: “If and when he’s not, we’ll move on”

  1. He can look forward to defending AB. Now that he realizes Bruce will put up with it, it’s only going to get worse.

  2. Sooooooo TB knew of this AND still signed AB? BUT he’s been a model citizen? The math just doesn’t add up. AB has been on his ‘last chance’ until he gets another ‘last chance’? AB is a zebra who’ll never change his stripes. AB should have already been banned a long long time ago…….in a galaxy far far away.

  3. Hopefully Antonio turns his life around with such a great chance at reclamation. Would really be salt in the eye to all those people wishing for his downfall.

  4. So Bruce was aware of the incident but the league office wasnt? OKkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bruce. Quit trying to cover your tracks.

  5. Translation: If he plays well enough we’ll overlook anything he does. If he doesn’t play well we’ll cut him and act like we care about a player’s character.

  6. How do you over look just another typical action of Brown. I guess they care nothing about security guard that could be your niece, daughter, grand daughter heck even your wife. You were aware and you still signed him. We continue to hear from NFL justice, equal justice racial justice, what about the justice for all these individuals that Brown has taken his fury out on. Look at all this and again you want to pat the guy on the back and say it is all right. Talk about real injustice here it is for all to witness. And you knew about it. The league should hold both parties accountable. Tampa Bay organization as well as Brown

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