Expect J.K. Scott to get no internal grief for his comical attempt at making a tackle

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Some punters and kickers have periodically laid the lumber when the opportunity arises to make a tackle. Others have had the lumber laid on them — or, as the case may be, have been kicked in the face.

On Sunday, Packers punter J.K. Scott provided a memorable highlight without delivering a hit or being hit (or kicked).

Jacksonville punt returner Keelan Cole broke free from the coverage, and Scott became the last man between Cole and a touchdown.

Scott took the angle toward the sideline and prepared to try to knock Cole out of bounds. Cole hesitated and pretended to cut to the inside. Scott froze and stumbled and nearly executed a Kramer-style pratfall.

Cole kept going, and then Scott started trending on Twitter.

It all worked out in the end for the Packers, who overcome the ensuing 10-7 deficit to beat the Jaguars. After the game, I asked receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling how much grief Scott will get in the film room for getting twisted up by Cole.

Said Valdes-Scantling: “Zero, because he’s paid to punt the ball.”

Marquez is right. Ultimately, that’s something to remember when it comes to all punters and kickers. While it’s great if they make a tackle, that’s not why they’re there. And in most cases they only have the chance to try to make a tackle when their 10 teammates have failed to do their jobs.