Kyler Murray: I miss baseball, wish I could play both

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When Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray announced that he would focus full time on football, plenty of people thought he was making the wrong choice, as he was also a first-round draft pick in Major League Baseball. No one can claim he made the wrong choice now, but Murray says that in a perfect world, he’d still be playing baseball.

Murray said on Tiki and Tierney that he loved being a multi-sport athlete growing up and wishes he still could be.

“I played football, baseball, basketball growing up my whole life. I miss basketball — I didn’t get to play as much as I may have wanted to. But I miss baseball, for sure, just being in the box, being out there with the guys competing,” Murray said. “But I know I’m where supposed to be at. If I had chosen baseball, I’d be missing football a lot more. For me, I wish I could do both. I definitely feel like I could. I never say never, but as of right now, I’m having fun doing what I love.”

Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders famously played both baseball and football, and played both at a high level. But being a starting quarterback is different. Murray seems to know his baseball days are done, even as he leaves a little room for the possibility that he could give baseball one more try.

27 responses to “Kyler Murray: I miss baseball, wish I could play both

  1. I don’t put Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders in the same category. One was an all star at two sports and the other was a fast cover corner who couldn’t tackle and was a slap-hitting fourth outfielder.

  2. Since I have Kyler Murray as my Fantasy Team QB, I’m glad he’s only playing football.
    But he has the skills to do whatever he wants, for sure.

  3. Why is he even thinking about this? Focus on football and stop dreaming of something that will never happen.

    Kyler is better than Lamar, but I still don’t see elite QB like Mahomes in either of them.

  4. It’s America right? He should able to, just make sure the contracts specifically state what happens when you get injures or have games on the same day. Shouldn’t be that hard, I guarantee he’ll pick only one if he gets to play both. It will become physically draining.

  5. It was really cool when Dion Sanders and Bo Jackson did it. As long as your not spinning your wheels in AAA I would consider it.

  6. Not sure what position he played but he does seem like the ideal/prototypical second baseman or shortstop, outfielder and a dude that steals lots of bases

  7. It’s easy to make comments like this when things are going well.

    In a few years you may want to give baseball a try when you’re a backup QB.

  8. Do a 3 year, $90 mil football contract then when your 27 years old, you go to baseball full time

  9. When the NFL career is over, he can still play baseball and basketball at some level. Even if it is schooling a bunch of athletic dads at a local gym or ball field.

  10. Some of the best players in the NFL have been dual sport players.

    Dion Sanders
    Bob Hayes
    Jim Brown
    Bo Jackson
    Russell Wilson
    Pat Mahomes

    THe list goes on and on. It makes sense, too. If a person is good at multiple sports, they develop more skills.

  11. Overly inflated egos like his and obscene salaries, combined with the fact that the league continues to struggle to define a catch, fumble or tackle are the primary drivers to me not watching nearly as much as the NFL as I used to.

  12. Maybe he could do that thing that Russell Wilson does each year, do spring training with a team ( I believe Wilson trains with the Yankees, but Murray can find another team, maybe Oakland as they actually drafted him ).

    That might be enough to get it out of his system, or at least enough to keep the hunger to play baseball under control, maybe doing spring training with a team will help.

  13. I don’t put Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders in the same category. One was an all star at two sports and the other was a fast cover corner who couldn’t tackle and was a slap-hitting fourth outfielder.


    ahhh, Sanders is in the pro football HOF. He’s one of the best cover corners of all time. Yeah, he wasn’t as good as Bo at baseball, but comon.

  14. If Deion only played baseball, you would have considered him a 15 year major leaguer with a decent average, league leading stolen base numbers and gap power with the occasional home run. He was better than people think and more valuable in the National League. Defensively, he was average for his speed but if he just focused on baseball, I’m sure that would have improved.

  15. He’ll wish he was playing baseball when some monster lineman lands on him & breaks a leg, arm, shoulder.

  16. The Cards are my NFL teak and the A’s have been my baseball team since the moment they arrived in Oakland. I would love to see him be able to do both, but as long as he’s with either of these teams, it’s win/win for me.

  17. Very shrewd play by KM’s agent to remind the Cards that he does have other options. I doubt KM is going anywhere. In two years he will be negotiating an NFL contract that he can’t walk away from.

  18. He could play football until he is 30 and then switch to baseball. More very good 37 year old baseball players than 37 year old good football players. If he stays relatively injury free in football he can do both, just not at the same time.

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