Most of Raiders’ starting defense to go on COVID-19 reserve after close contacts

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The Raiders’ starting defense won’t be getting much practice time before Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs.

Almost all of the Raiders’ starters have to go on the COVID-19 reserve list because of high-risk close contacts, NFL Network is reporting.

That’s not great, but it’s not as bad as it might sound: As long as those players all test negative, they can still play on Sunday.

Raiders defensive end Clelin Ferrell tested positive, and presumably many of the Raiders’ defensive starters have been in close contact with Ferrell.

So far this season, NFL players and teams have been able to play effectively even after missing practice. The Raiders have some experience dealing with this issue, as their entire offensive line quarantined in Week Seven.

20 responses to “Most of Raiders’ starting defense to go on COVID-19 reserve after close contacts

  1. No surprise that the team that has been fined the most for violating COVID protocol now has another big COVID problem.

  2. Anything to help Brady and mahomes is all the NFL cares about. We all know who they want in the Superbowl. Couldn’t be more obvious

  3. The Bill’s lost 2 out of 3 of their top cornerbacks, their starting tight end and a key backup safety 24 hours before their game last week…some teams would have been given a delay for all that, but not them.

  4. It won’t matter the Chiefs will NEVER stop the Raiders run game! They’ll all be back on defense Sunday night! And KC has there second loss!

  5. Don’t blame the Raiders. The virus is a hoax. Everyone’s just making all this stuff up. It’s a big conspiracy. Not just in America, but all over the world. It’s just a hoax.

  6. Raiders will lie about positives and play those players this weekend. Typical Raiders. Raiders will not SWEEP the Chiefs either way. Chiefs have pretty much dominated this series the past 30 years. Chucky will falter this weekend and the rest of the year. Raiders are done.

  7. every team seems to be getting the virus but only the Raiders get that huge fine and draft pick taken away ?? yea ok that sounds fair..

  8. Wasn’t so long ago half the tennessee titans team was out and had absolutely no practice and just demolished buffalo. Does it really matter?

  9. Practice during the season is wildly overrated. Look at Big Ben last week. They will still be able to watch film and go over the game plan for the Chiefs remotely and rest their bodies, which they could all use at this point anyway.

    Unless several more players test positive, this is not a significant disadvantage for the Raiders

  10. Doesn’t matter at all to the Chiefs. They’re expecting the Raiders best shot no matter who suits up.

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