NFL kickers making more 50-yard field goals than ever before

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NFL kickers are better than ever, and field goals are getting longer than ever.

Through 10 weeks this season, there have been 71 field goals of 50 yards or longer. That means the league is on pace to have 124 field goals of 50 yards or longer this season. That would be by far the most of any season in NFL history.

NFL kickers are so good now that some fans may not realize how rare a 50-yard field goal used to be. Here’s how many 50+ yard field goals the NFL had in the following full seasons:

2010: 59
2000: 38
1990: 28
1980: 23
1970: 17
1960: 5

Yes, in 1960 there were only five field goals league-wide of more than 50 yards. There were 11 field goals of 50 or more yards just last week.

Kickers are making 50-yard field goals so often that there are sometimes calls for rule changes to make field goals harder, such as narrower goal posts or backing the goal posts up a few yards behind the end line. But the NFL has shown little interest in doing that. Instead, the 50-yard field goal appears to be a normal part of the NFL, for good.

15 responses to “NFL kickers making more 50-yard field goals than ever before

  1. NFL definitely doesn’t want LESS scoring. Gamblers love those “overs”. I’m not against it though. I think moving the XP back was a genius idea. While your trying to make things harder, take those sticky gloves off all skill players. Lets see how good they actually are at making catches.

  2. Game is catered to the offense so they practice kicking from 50 more as it’s more likely that they’ll be within that range. They also don’t have to worry about players jumping over linemen anymore.

  3. Leave the game alone. Don’t mess with what is not broken. How about fixing the problem with corners and catchers. How are we suppose to know what a catch is when the officials don’t know? Bill

  4. I like the way things are now. It is pressing kickers to find ways to nail the 60 yarder, which as of today is pretty rare, mostly because of trajecory issues with a kick that long.

  5. It seems like over the decades the ball must have evolved along with other equipment like pads and gloves. Surely that must play a factor in the number of kicks made from long distance.

  6. It all makes sense.

    The rules have changed over the years to favor more offense. More offense means more opportunities to kick.

    It’s not rocket science.

  7. …well, to be honest ,half the games are INDOORS and rules are strictly enforced about defensive lineman climbing up on their teammates back, which gives the kicker a lower trajectory kicking the ball. Regardless,kickers have master the soccer style kick and are stronger.

  8. Good time to look back and marvel at what a horrible selection Roberto Aguayo was for the Bucs. He was incredibly accurate in college but had NEVER, either in college or high school made a 50-yarder. Yet the Bucs used a 2nd round pick on him at a time when many teams had guys who could routinely hit from 60 in practice. Even if he’d been accurate in the NFL he would have always been a liability due to the fact he didn’t have the leg to make those crucial long kicks.

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