Patriots’ J.C. Jackson leads NFL in interceptions, not on Pro Bowl ballot

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Patriots cornerback J.C. Jackson has six interceptions this season, the most of any player in the NFL. But he’s not among the 73 cornerbacks listed on the NFL’s Pro Bowl ballot.

The Patriots told Henry McKenna of USA Today that they were asked by the NFL to list their 11 defensive starters for the Pro Bowl ballot, and at cornerback they listed the two cornerbacks who have started the most games at cornerback and who have the longest tenure, Jason McCourty and Stephon Gilmore.

It’s true that Jackson isn’t in the starting lineup for every game, but that’s not the best way to determine who belongs on the Pro Bowl ballot. Jackson has played more snaps than any other cornerback on the Patriots this season.

The Pro Bowl has long been decried as meaningless, and this year the game itself isn’t even being played. But they’re still choosing Pro Bowl rosters, and if they’re going to do so at all, they ought to allow fans to pick among the best players. Jackson is certainly among those who ought to be up for consideration, and the NFL should add him to the ballot.

UPDATE 11:39 a.m. ET: The NFL has added Jackson to the Pro Bowl ballot.

12 responses to “Patriots’ J.C. Jackson leads NFL in interceptions, not on Pro Bowl ballot

  1. I have not seen many Patriot games, but interceptions do not equal quality. In many teams the worst defensive back leads in interceptions, because the opposing team keeps throwing the ball at them.

  2. I like that he’s under the radar & didn’t make pro bowl list….. keeps his upcoming contract that much more reasonable for the Pats to sign him to!!!!!
    Not upset at all, as a matter of fact, THANK YOU FOR NOT GIVING HIM THE CREDIT HE DESERVES!!!!

  3. Isn’t the pro bowl being “played” on Madden?! Who cares?!

    we have bigger fish to fry, like beating Houston

  4. The Pro Bowl is based 40% on last years performance, 50% on popularity contest, and 10% on the current years performance. He’ll likely make it next year.

  5. The complaint: “Not listed despite playing the most snaps” is a valid one. In the NFL, starter is almost meaningless. Percentage of snaps is a more accurate metric.

    As far as INTs go, people are correct, that is a misleading stat.

  6. The Pro Bowl is voted on by mostly kids and millennials who base their choices on Madden ratings. It should be voted on by the coaches. Sure, there would still be some bias but it wouldn’t be a total clown show anymore.

  7. Making the Pro Bowl or getting named NFL MVP are both meaningless.

    Brees = 0x NFL MVP
    Manning = 5x NFL MVP

    Both are on my list of top10 best QBs of all time.

    …. I’ve never watched a Pro Bowl and never will.

  8. Brees = 0x NFL MVP
    Manning = 5x NFL MVP

    Both are on my list of top10 best QBs of all time.

    well certainly brees makes any such list, manning top 20 maybe.

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