Report: Jim Nantz seeks “Tony Romo money” from CBS

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The offseason bidding war between ESPN and CBS over NFL game analyst Tony Romo was certain to have ripple effects. For CBS, it’s potentially creating a cannonball splash.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Jim Nantz wants “Tony Romo money” in his next contract with CBS.

Romo makes $17.5 million per year, and he only works football. Nantz, per Marchand, makes $6.5 million annually, and Nantz handles a wide range of events.

Marchand cites unnamed sources to support the claim that Nantz wants an eight-figure raise. Making the report far more credible is the fact that Marchand obtained quotes from Nantz’s agent, Sandy Montag, for the story — and that Montag did not issue a denial.

“In the last 30 years, Jim Nantz has become the face and voice of CBS Sports,” Montag told Marchand. “The network has become synonymous with his voice and his leadership.”

Per Marchand, CBS views Romo’s contract as an aberration, not a benchmark. Although the position is predictable, the truth is that CBS had to dig deep to keep Romo from leaving for ESPN.  For Nantz to achieve a similar payday, he may have to develop a market for his services, like Romo did.

24 responses to “Report: Jim Nantz seeks “Tony Romo money” from CBS

  1. The MNF booth is bereft of talent. His services will be in demand. CBS will be left trying to find somebody to cover all of the other sports also. Nantz has leverage.

  2. The struggles of the “never enough” 1%.

    I’m sure that Chiefs center Austin Reiter would like to make Mahomes money too, but that doesn’t mean it’s plausible.

  3. Romo is ok – but no way in heck should he get $11M more than Jim Nantz!!! I sometimes get lost listening to Romo, like he is kind of lolly gagging through the event.

  4. If you asked me who the voice of CBS was, I’d say I don’t know. If you asked who that person sits next to for marquee CBS football games, I’d say Tony Romo.

  5. Nantz worked the Masters this past weekend and CBS gave Romo the weekend off. I enjoy listening to Romo but Nantz does a great job of setting him up. The salary disparity is too great. CBS should do the right thing and pay Nantz.

  6. Nantz is not only the voice of CBS NFL, but also the Masters and other CBS sports. He is very talented and deserves more than Romo.

  7. Jim Nantz is an infinitely more talented broadcaster than Tony Romo and it’s a lot harder to find someone like him than someone like Romo. I never even notice Romo when he’s the analyst but I know when Nantz is doing the game.

  8. Nance out shine Romo night and day, how Romo was able to get this kind of money is unthinkable. Romo broadcast are some of the most boring ever done.

  9. Needs to get his son a new yacht for xmas. How many people will get laid off to give him his multi-million dollar raise?

  10. Weird to see all these big Jim Nantz fans here. I like him alright, but does he really impact ratings and ad revenue? That being said, if they let him go I’m not sure who they elevate to the top team. My vote would be Harlan if they stay in house. I think Tirico deserves another shot too, but I assume NBC wants to keep him for when Al retires.

  11. Romo gets way, way too much. Neither he nor Nantz is worth that. Nantz deserves a boost, but nothing near what he’s asking. People don’t watch the NFL because of the announcers.

  12. Pay him, he’s worth it, or maybe ESPN will hire him for Monday night football and we’ll be able to enjoy it again.

  13. Sorry Jim Nantz, you ain’t worth it. Romo’s not either. But because someone overpaid for him, doesn’t mean they should do it twice. I’m not aware of a SINGLE fan that tunes in to hear Romo…..which means the deal he got was just stupid…..but paying you anything more than what you get now, which is too much would be insane.

  14. Jim please go to mnf…they keep putting clowns in the booth there…time for a real announcer…please so we can listen again…been years watchin with the mute button on

  15. Jim is the gold standard. I think Tony created a fantastic opportunity by being unique and knowledgeable as a color commentator. Someone else mentioned that Jim sets up Tony and I couldn’t agree more, this team works well off of each other. I remember Phil and Jim sort of bickering in the both before this, but you can tell Jim wants to work with Tony.

    Jim’s skillset exceeds most and he can call almost any sport, Tony is only useful for the gridiron. I hope CBS sees the value they have with Jim matches if not exceed’s Tony’s salary. But this would mean more work for Jim of course.

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