Russell Wilson: I’m going to keep swinging

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The Seahawks opened the season with five straight wins and the play of quarterback Russell Wilson was a leading reason for their success.

They’ve gone 1-3 since returning from a Week 6 bye and Wilson’s been a leading reason for that change in fortunes as well. He has turned the ball over 10 times in the three losses with seven coming in the last two weeks as the Seahawks fell to the Bills and Rams. It’s the most turnovers in a four-game stretch in Wilson’s career and his 10 total interceptions are one off his high for an entire season.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said Wilson “knows he has to be better” in terms of ball security and Wilson said he needs to make “clearer decisions” while adding that he plans to keep taking the shots that paid off early in the season.

“You may slip and fall a little bit,” Wilson said, via Brady Henderson of “You’ve got to just keep climbing. I think Vince Lombardi said something about that one time. I think he talked about the man who’s on top of the mountain didn’t just get there. It’s so true. I think that as a team, there’s always challenges . . . The guys that can keep getting up and keep swinging, those are the players and those are the teams that keep overcoming. What I do know about myself is I’m an overcomer. I’ve been doubted before. One thing about me is I’m going to keep swinging.”

With a defense that’s struggled all year, the Seahawks have relied heavily on their offense to win games. Injuries to running backs Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde haven’t helped in the last two weeks, but Wilson’s going to have to clean things up under any circumstances for Seattle to get back on track.

3 responses to “Russell Wilson: I’m going to keep swinging

  1. He isn’t helped by a leaky O-Line, and injury to a key component of that offence, Chris Carson, who is one of the best RB’s in the game.

    But there are other teams out there with more injuries and with less talent, and they seem to be doing just fine.

    After the first 7 games, teams started blitzing a lot more as with Carson out, Seattle had no credible run game.

    But all of this doesn’t take away from the fact he should still be doing better. He has done better before , something has changed, and it may take some tape study on his /coach Carroll’s part to figure out what that is and then how to fix it.

  2. That Seahawks OL was built to run the ball. That OL is also badly banged up. It makes for a dangerous work environment when you try to utilise a pass first O.

    Russell Wilson is an elite QB, is still exceptional at evading pressure, and throws the best deep ball I have seen in the NFL in some time. Blaming him for the Seahawks slow down in recent weeks misses the bigger failures from other parts of the organisation. There is only so much one player can do without NFL caliber help.

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