Saints’ defense shutting down opposing runners

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Trying to run the ball against the Saints? Good luck.

The Saints have allowed just 691 rushing yards this season, fewest in the NFL, just 38 rushing first downs, fewest in the NFL, and are tied for best in the NFL with an average of 3.3 yards per carry allowed, and a total of just five rushing touchdowns allowed.

In the last two weeks, against the 49ers and the Buccaneers, the Saints have allowed a grand total of just 57 rushing yards. The 49ers’ leading rusher on Sunday, Jerick McKinnon, was held to 18 carries for 33 yards. The week before, the Buccaneers gave up on the running game, carrying five times for eight yards.

With Drew Brees expected to miss time and the Saints’ offense likely limited in what it can do, they’ll be relying on that defense more than ever.

5 responses to “Saints’ defense shutting down opposing runners

  1. As a Saints fan, having a stout defence against the run is amazing. I’ve seen far too many teams simply try to run up the middle with no success.

    I’ve seen the saints become vulnerable on misdirection and speed sweeps however, this is why when healthy San Fransisco, LA Rams, and Minnesota (on outside zone and tosses) have had success running the ball against the saints. Adding Kwon Alexander, and Malcolm Jenkins should continue to help the Saints combat those runs however.

    Teams need to threaten the secondary more often, while I know their rate of DPI has dropped it still feels like any deep pass has a 50% chance of a DPI being called. I think we’ll see Atlanta take a lot of shots on Sunday. I’m hoping the Saints defend it!

  2. Saints Defense has not allowed an opposing rusher over 100 yards in 52 consecutive games.
    That is 3 and a quarter seasons, back to 2017, and close to the NFL record.

  3. “Josh Jacobs ran on them!” Yes, he got 88 yards. He also averaged 3.2 yards a carry, so I guess it depends on your definition of “ran on them”. He ran, just not very well.

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