Aaron Rodgers no longer Packers’ NFLPA rep, wasn’t happy with CBA talks

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When the 32 team representatives for the NFL Players Association voted this year on whether to accept the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Packers representative Aaron Rodgers voted no. He was outvoted, the CBA passed, and Rodgers is no longer the Packers’ union representative.

I wasn’t real, real happy about the way things went down,” Rodgers said, via ESPN.

Rodgers was disgruntled with the way negotiations were handled, feeling that active players should have been more involved, and with the meeting at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine where the player reps voted to recommend the CBA to the full union membership.

“I think from last season, negotiating without a current player in the room, and then the things that happened in Indy and the way that the vote went, I wasn’t real excited about it,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to get involved in an important year, because I thought it was a good look for the union. I can’t say I was heavily involved. I came in to some of the meetings late at the Combine, but I think it’s time for somebody else to take that role who wants to spend a week of their life sitting in meetings and going through all that. To me, it’s just not what I want to do at this point in my career.”

Kicker Mason Crosby is the new Packers representative.

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  1. I remember this. Russell Wilson and Malcolm Jenkins expressed concern and voted no also. They all said the CBA didn’t protect younger players enough. The younger players wanted something in their hand right now, so it passed. It’s a shame youth is wasted on the young.

  2. Unfortunately, The CBA was rushed through because of the uncertainty of the virus. NFL owners are not the only ones to take advantage of the situation.

  3. Wow, what a leader. I didn’t get my way so I quit. So inspirational. Gee, I wonder why no one in his family wants anything to do with him.

  4. So, I did a half vast job and choose to complain about the result, but lending my name to the effort is what is really important. Here’s your participation trophy you wonderful wonderful man.

  5. As always, I’m sure we’ll hear the non-union tradesmen say “We do the same work as those union guys and we do it just as well. Why do they deserve twice the money?”

    The simple answer is “They don’t.” But that’s not because they’re overpaid. It’s because you’re underpaid.

  6. Rodgers wasn’t happy with the NFL CBA talks.

    Maybe he should have attended the meetings.

    “Unlike most franchise quarterbacks, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is involved in the NFL Players Association, as his team’s representative. But Rodgers, who has been vocal regarding his opposition to the proposed CBA, did not show up for the ongoing NFLPA meetings in Florida.”

    PFT, March 2020…

  7. I think Aaron is upset because he wanted to eliminate training camp and just show up the day before the 1st game.

    This isn’t the 60s, 70s or even 80s where the players were the underdogs. Players now want unreasonable demands.

    The product is already crap for the 1st month of the season because of training camp and practice changes before Covid.

    The players don’t give a crap about being good at their jobs as long as the checks clear.

  8. To me, it’s just not what I want to do at this point in my career


    What a leader.

  9. If the better-paid players actually cared about fighting for the lower-paid players, maybe they could have gotten a better CBA for everyone — without having to give up a 17th game (soon to be 18 in a few years, watch), for instance.

    But there is never any actual solidarity between the “rich” players and the “poor” players, so the owners always win. Same as it ever was.

  10. Wow… just wow. Not happy about how things went but couldn’t be bothered to show up to meetings on time. At least he is stepping aside

  11. Rodgers decided he wanted a seat at the table because it was a contract year and his teammates gave it to him . Then he finds out it actually takes time and participation and decides he’s too busy to show up to impact the results . Then he whines about the very process that he chose not to participate in denying the teammates he represented a voice . He apparently thought he would walk in play the I’m Aaron Rodgers card and get his way . When this didn’t happen he checked out and pouted . I always thought he was a jerk on the field with his constant whining to the refs now I know he’s just as big of one off the field .

  12. The thing is, Rodgers is wrong. The NFLPA, for once, got to the correct outcome.

    If they hasn’t approved that CBA, the NFL would be a mess right now. Likely, no season. No money for owners or players. They a new negotiation where the player would have little to no leverage because of the severly reduced revenues.

    Rodgers wanted to play hardball, but was he going to help the 800k special teamer who was missing game checks? Or did he just want to go harder so the rich NFL players get richer?

    Honestly, its easy for me to dislike Rodgers. I guess he learned from Favre.

  13. TL;DR – I don’t want to spend time being involved but I want to complain about the outcome.

  14. Teams don’t keep the same player rep for several years. Mason will do a great job. Jaire Alexander is one of the alternates and may take the job in a couple yrs when the change is made again.



  15. “I guess he took his ball and went home…”

    As is his right to do.if it was such a great job being a rep for your team everybody would be begging to do it.AR is in the top 3% of all NFL players in intelligence so his reasoning for voting no was well thought out with the good of his fellow players in mind.were the other reps reasons for voting yes just as strong as ARs reasons to vote no or were they just appeasing the rich owners who sign their checks?

  16. Obviously served past his time if he couldn’t make it to all the meetings. Pass things on to a younger guy.

  17. I actually met ARod once in Largo comedy club in Los Angeles a few years ago by random chance and because people in LA in a comedy club aren’t big football people…but I was/am. He’s a good dude, not at all like the people here ripping him are describing. He was down to earth as hell. Now ripping him because they asked him why he left basically a volunteer job and he said his reasons (which made sense to me). Bunch of haters. Not even close to a Packers fan.

  18. He’s the poster child of the entitlement generation, and he clashed with the younger me me generation. He’ll always be the first Binky award winner tho so he can take that into retirement with him

  19. I don’t understand the logic of complaining how it all went down when Rodgers admitted he showed up late to some of the meetings. If you really cared about how the CBA would be formed, then why didn’t he atleast show up on time for all of the meetings? Sounds like Rodgers wanted the profits/results but didn’t want all of the work it takes to get there.

  20. “Unlike most franchise quarterbacks, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is involved in the NFL Players Association, as his team’s representative. But Rodgers, who has been vocal regarding his opposition to the proposed CBA, did not show up for the ongoing NFLPA meetings in Florida.”


    He’s smart. Nobody (younger players) would listen. It doesn’t pay to reason with unreasonable people. He was trying to protect younger players but they knew better. It’s a shame youth is wasted on the young.

  21. Come on Aaron… what ever happened to honesty and humility? “Yeah, I thought I’d be able to come in and make some great contributions to the process, but turns out, I’m a heck of a lot better QB than I am at being a CBA rep, and wanted to make sure someone who will be more impactful in the role has the opportunity to do so. Mason Crosby will be excellent and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do”.


  22. The Vikings player rep voted to approve the CBA. His name was Steven Weatherly. I say “was” because the Vikings cut the fourth string OLB before the season started. Cousins, their elected rep, didn’t go. Thielen, the first-alternate, didn’t go. Why should guys that are “set” give a darn? Why should they care? They let some no-name vote for them instead. They weren’t interested in protecting the younger players, as Rodgers was. Rodgers cared, but it fell on deaf ears. I’d quit too. There’s no point in trying to reason with unreasonable people.

  23. Don’t be so quick to rip on him. He was one of about three players to actually read the thing. When those three players sent it to their teammates everyone just rubber stamped it so they would get paid. Why should he be wasting his time babysitting?

    I am no fan of unions, but if you’re gonna be in one you should do it right.

  24. Superstars being the union reps never has made sense to me. They’re in a totally different world than the “normal” players so even in the best of circumstances they’re going to be conflicted since their best interests frequently don’t align. And Rodgers in particular was a weird choice given his public comments about the last several CBAs. He’s always been unapologetically focused on himself. He’s repeatedly said there should be no cap so that he could earn more and he’s called out guys on their rookie deals–who make peanuts compared to him–not being hard enough workers. I have no idea why any regular player would want Rodgers as his rep.

  25. Ahhh more “we hate Rodgers because he’s Rodgers” comments. His football IQ is up there with some of the greatest players ever, why would his knowledge of contract talks be any different?
    Let’s talk about why he didn’t like the CBA –

    The owners still wouldn’t give a 50/50 split on revenue, they got a 1% increase.

    The 17th game was rammed down the players throats without any input from players.

    The owners tried to cap the 17th game pay separate from what the players earn for the normal regular 16 game season. (this idea did not succeed in the final CBA).

    He tried to get pre-season games limited for established players. (I’m sure Jordy Nelson, Lamar Miller, and Jonathon Cyprien would’ve loved this idea. All players with season ending injuries that occurred during preseason).

    He didn’t like the 10 year length of the CBA. This is because all the TV contracts will be up for renewal in a few years. If they continue to break $$$ records as they have, they players will only receive whatever additional they approved (see above, 1% which has to be split with more players) while the owners will receive the lion’s share and only have to split 32 ways.

    What did the players get? Less oversight when it comes to smoking weed.

    As far as him going to meetings, it was reported by many outlets and Aaron himself while they were happening, that it was clear that the player reps we not really kept in the loop as the negotiations were taking place. They were brought in as a dog and pony show. The bigger the name, the more it looked like they were actually involved.

    Call him arrogant or conceited, but don’t call him stupid or say he doesn’t care, because he was one of the few that saw the big picture.

  26. If this guy focused more on playing football and communicating better with his coaching staff and GM and less time doing commercials, whining to the league office, and practicing touchdown celebrations, he’s likely have more playoff wins by now. It is all about trust and hard work.

  27. From what I understand of the CBA, the rank and file players were happy with it. The uber-paid (Rodgers, Russ Wilson, et al) did not like it because it affected their ability to get even richer at the expense of the rank and file. The article didn’t mention why Rodgers is no longer the Packers’ representative but I believe those positions are voted on by the team. If I’m not mistaken, he’s no longer the rep because the players decided to elect Crosby instead of Rodgers. He may not have had any say in the matter.

  28. I don’t blame Rodgers one bit. Trying to get those guys, particularly the young guys who want their slice NOW, would like getting 25 kittens to march single file in a parade. He didn’t want to continue hitting himself over the head with a hammer because it feels soooo good when he stops.

  29. He made the respectable move by stepping aside. It would have been much worse to occupy the seat, but refuse to fight. Late for meetings? Must not have been a big priority. He’s rich enough. He doesn’t have time to spend a week fighting for the other guys.

  30. And he thinks people want him to broadcast. 🤡Look at the comments. Most everyone wished he would just shut up and get over himself.

  31. Seems that Rodgers is always unhappy and doesn’t want to ever try and make things work with what’s in place.

    Mentally, this guy is soft.

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