Adam Gase: Nobody on the Jets has talked about tanking

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The Jets are the worst team in the league, the favorites to get the first overall pick in the draft, and the likely future home of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. But Jets head coach Adam Gase says he’s not thinking about that.

Asked about tanking, Gase said it’s not in the Jets’ vocabulary.

“That’s something that — nobody’s talked about that,” Gase said, via the New York Post.

Most observers would agree that it’s better for the Jets to keep losing and earn the first overall pick than to win a couple games and move behind the Jaguars in the draft order.

“We can’t worry about what anybody else thinks,” Gase said. “We know we’re trying to get guys better that are here and we’re trying to figure out ways to win games.”

For Gase, who’s likely to be fired before he’d get the opportunity to coach Lawrence, there’s no incentive to tank. He wants to win.

49 responses to “Adam Gase: Nobody on the Jets has talked about tanking

  1. Gase ruined Sam Darnold and rumor is he won’t even put him back in this season. He would absolutely ruin Trevor Lawrence if given the chance. I don’t understand how this guy is a coach in the NFL let alone a head coach.

  2. How about talking about winning a game! Poor Jets fans-it’s been a long time since Joe Willie.

  3. It’s ridiculous to tank in the NFL. Look at those who suggested Colts tanked for Andrew Luck – the GM and HC both got fired. As for players tanking is even more nonsense. Their career is already short enough – a bad year means no big contract AND inviting the team to draft your replacement with a higher pick.

  4. They want to lose. Why else would they keep Gase? Adam Gase makes Matt Patricia look like a talented coach!

  5. Back in the day I used had an irrational dislike of John Elway for the stunt he pulled on the Colts when he was drafted but I won’t feel the same way if Lawrence pulls the same move on the Jets. Dumpster fire for days!

  6. It’s only FANS who want their team to “TANK” (purposely lose or not try) in order to secure a better draft pick.

    No GM, coach, or player could possibly desire to do that and maintain ANY integrity or self respect.

    That being said, at some point a team might use players they need/want to evaluate once it becomes clear they are eliminated from contention.. as they know that the impact of losing the game at that point is not as important as evaluating the talent. In that regard it is similar to a pre-season game.

    Problem is that LOOKS to fans like it is “tanking” and it also impacts other teams still in contention as it can affect competing teams by essentially giving an easy win to whomever the Jets are playing.

    Not unlike “resting your starters” after you have secured a playoff berth with no ability to advance or lose your playoff seeding position.

  7. Of course. You don’t tank by deliberately losing and telling your players to lose. That’s insane.

    You tank by roster moves and by allowing Adam Gase to coach your team.

  8. The NBA is not the NFL. We have seen time and time again how that can’t miss QB prospect fails. And that happens too often because that can’t miss QB goes to a team that has a ton of other problems. It takes more than a great QB to turn your fortune around.

    And what we also see in the NFL is that teams who get the first overall pick, usually ends up dumping the coach and/or the GM that lead to getting that first overall pick

  9. At this point it would probably be best to simply change the team name to Tank, so at least the fans can say it.

    “T-A-N-K tank, tank tank!!!”

  10. When a team is as bad as the Jets, nobody has to talk about it; it happens naturally. That place is a mess and it will continue to be a mess with the current ownership. Gase can’t be the coach moving forward though; he’s just awful at the job.

  11. If only the media would stop bringing it up…

    But in all seriousness, the nfl should have a lottery with all non-playoff teams getting a chance at the top pick, weighted heavily in favor of the worst teams.

    If nothing else but to shut the media up.

  12. I don’t think coaches and players tank but if the owner allows a winless to continue and not do anything about it then that organization is tanking.

  13. Why would Trevor not want to be a Jet? The coaching staff will be gone.The team also has the Seahawks 1st round picks this year and next. CJ Mosley will be back. Should I mention the $80 million in cap space?

  14. Adam, they haven’t told you because you won’t be there-lol, but it won’t work because Lawrence ain’t going there. Yeah, that’s how bad things are there and I’m a Giants fan!

  15. You don’t have to talk about tanking, your actions speak for themselves. If the Jets get the #1 pick, Trevor stays in school. I would.

  16. Of course they are not talking about tanking, because they have already tanked.

    They can’t go any lower.

  17. The Dolphins tanked for Tua last year and it has worked out so far. The NFL is a copycat league so the Jets are just following the game plan.

  18. maximusintoxicus says:
    November 19, 2020 at 12:12 pm
    If the Jets get the #1 pick, Trevor stays in school.
    I doubt it. Not only would the Jets be able to draft Trevor, but they also have the 1st round picks of the Seahawks in 2021 and 22, Mosley will be back, a new coaching staff will be in place and the Jets will have $80 million to spend in free agency in a reduced cap year.

  19. Much respect and sympathy to the Jets fans. This has to be rough. May good changes be in your future.

  20. If the Jets get the #1 pick, Trevor stays in school.

    Wrong. He is coming out. His draft stock will never be higher and another year in college, he risks a career changing injury. If the Jets draft him, he has the power to pull an Elway/Manning and he just may. I dont blame him.

  21. Rule of thumb if your the jets (and be thankful you aren’t) never take an ‘SC qb….sanchez and now darnold.

    As for tanking, this team has been laying down and rolling over for years, so why is this year any different? And as I said before, the teams logo ought to be a Boeing 737, as they crash and burn like one.

  22. Curious to know…
    How many other teams have a management structure where the coach reports directly to the owner rather than the GM (Cowboys being the exception where it’s both-that’s a whole other story)?

  23. I hope Trevor Lawrence says no to the Jets and stays at Clemson. The Jets don’t deserve him. They will just ruin him anyway.

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