Andy Dalton “a little bit surprised” Jon Bostic was only fined $12,000

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Washington linebacker Jon Bostic delivered a brutal, illegal hit to Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton that caused a concussion which forced Dalton to miss the rest of that game and two more games after that. The NFL fined Bostic a mere $12,000 for the hit.

Dalton was surprised by that.

As he prepares to return to the field this week, Dalton said he was expecting the NFL to come down harder on Bostic.

I was a little bit surprised by the number, but it is what it is,” Dalton said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Bostic easily could have been suspended for the hit, which would have cost him a game check, which is more than $56,000 in salary. If the NFL wasn’t going to suspend him, a fine close to that amount would have seemed to be in order. Instead, the league let Bostic off with a relative slap on the wrist.

9 responses to “Andy Dalton “a little bit surprised” Jon Bostic was only fined $12,000

  1. the NFL player safety committee needs to get their vision checked, that was one of the worst late hits i have ever seen.

  2. Wait till one of the phony QBs fake slide and the defender pulls up and gives the QB a clutch 1st down or TD that they did not earn , they already do the crap on the sidelines acting like they are heading out … I’d coach my guys to hit at all costs we live to play another down.

  3. Dalton had a front row seat for several Burfict hits that were not close to that bad, yet resulted in much higher penalties. Once the NFL decides someone is the “bad boy,” the penalty amounts are skewed.

  4. sorry to disagree, but i thought dalton went into his slide pretty late, waiting until it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to make the first down. tackler had already committed but what was once the height of dalton’s waist was now head high. i thought it deserved a flag, but thought the fault was on both sides.

  5. The darts that Goodell threw passed by an open window. The breeze caused the darts to hit the 1 and the 2. Hence the $12K fine.

  6. Grogan… I’m not sure what You’re seeing. Dalton skid a full 4 yards in front of Bostic. Bostic clearly lowers his head to make contact well into the slide. Dalton was already on the ground into the slide. I know Football happens fast but that clearly could have been avoided.

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