Cal McNair reiterates Jack Easterby won’t be Texans’ GM

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As questions continue to be raised about who’s calling the shots in Houston, Texans owner Cal McNair insists that the person making the personnel decisions next season will not be interim General Manager Jack Easterby.

Echoing comments from Texans President Jamey Rootes, McNair said today that the G.M. job will go to someone other than Easterby.

“There’s no decision made on Jack until we can talk to the next general manager. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” McNair said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

McNair said he’ll make the final decision on the next GM, in consultation with several others, and then the next GM will get involved in hiring the next coach.

“We’ll use our experts, and we’ll take input where it comes, but at the end of the day, it’ll be my decision,” McNair said. “We’ve started the process, and it’s a rigorous process. We’ve started internal discussions. Until we’re allowed to talk to people about the positions, we have to be really careful about what we say and do because of all the rules that are in place.”

That Easterby isn’t up for the GM job will be welcome news from Texans fans, many of whom have questioned the direction of the franchise since Easterby has taken on a bigger role. Easterby does not have a personnel background, and McNair sounds committed to hiring a GM who does.

7 responses to “Cal McNair reiterates Jack Easterby won’t be Texans’ GM

  1. Realistically, who would want this job? As a HC or a GM? I feel like if they had interviewed John Dorsey last off-season when he was available, they’d be in a much more favorable situation.

  2. The only ones who have been pushing the Easterby as G.M. narrative is the media; seems like a lot of fuss over a non-story.

  3. In the absence of facts people create their own. The Texans can’t talk about who they really want for GM or tampering, so they don’t. To fill the vacuum, people instead start conjuring up stories to give us something to think about and generate a little ad revenue. It’s all in the name of entertainment.

    I hope the Texans make some smart moves. The elder McNair came close a couple of times. The younger McNair is so far not building a good resume of decisions. Time will tell…

  4. “The only ones who have been pushing the Easterby as G.M. narrative is the media; seems like a lot of fuss over a non-story.”

    The Texans started the story by naming Easterby Interim GM at the same time they were saying publicly that they would seriously consider their interim head coach Romeo Crennel for the permanent position. Totally fair for people to wonder if they’d do the same for the GM job. They were under no obligation to put the interim title on Easterby or anybody else and doing so naturally led to those sorts of questions.

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