Darius Leonard wants to change Aaron Rodgers’ mind about best LB in the NFL

Getty Images

After the Packers beat the 49ers earlier this season, Aaron Rodgers could be heard telling 49ers linebacker Fred Warner that Warner should be an All-Pro and that there’s “nobody better” than Warner at the position.

Colts linebacker Darius Leonard was a first-team All-Pro as a rookie and a second-team All-Pro in 2019, so Rodgers’ comments caught his eye. The Colts will be facing the Packers this weekend and Leonard said he hopes to make the quarterback rethink his rankings.

“I seen it as soon as he said it,” Leonard said, via Mike Wells of ESPN.com. “You hear things like that and it gives you extra motivation going to play. [Rodgers has] been in the league for a long time. For him to say that about Fred Warner, they play sometimes twice a year, so my first time I want to leave a mark. Hopefully change his mind on what he said about that.”

Rodgers hasn’t shied away from using perceived slights as fuel over the course of his career. Sunday’s game will give Leonard a chance to dip into the same well.