Eight people who tested positive for COVID-19 attended a Cowboys game

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, whose team leads “the world” in attendance this season, wants to ramp up attendance even as the COVID-19 outbreak worsens in the county AT&T Stadium calls home.

Tarrant County set a single-day record Wednesday with 2,112 new cases of COVID-19. The state of Texas now has more than a million cases.

“My plan was to increase our fans as we went through the season, and move the numbers up,” Jones said this week on 105.3 The Fan. “We followed that plan. We’ve had almost a third of the attendance in the NFL, the whole NFL, at our games. I’m proud of that. Our stadium is particularly suited for airiness, openness, air circulation, and it’s borne out. We had over 30,000 out there the other day against Pittsburgh. And, so, that I’m very proud of the fact that we do it safely. We do it smartly. Our fans are really helpful to say the very least playing in front of those fans. And I see a continued aggressive approach to having fans out there. We’ll see. That’s not being insensitive to the fact that we’ve got our COVID and outbreak, and some people say maybe it is. But, no, not when you’re doing it as safe as we are and not when we’re having the results we’re having. We’ve had literally, literally no one report that they’ve had a contact and gotten any contact from COVID from coming to our football game. No one.”

However, a Tarrant County spokesperson said this week that eight people who tested positive for COVID-19 told contact tracers they were at AT&T Stadium in Arlington before contracting the virus, according to WFAA.

AT&T Stadium officials told the TV station that county health officials have not notified them of any contract tracing that included people who attended an event in the facility. Tarrant County said the numbers don’t mean the people contracted the virus at the stadium, only that they told tracers they had been in the stadium before later testing positive.

The dates provided by health officials — one on Oct. 4, three on Oct. 11, three on Oct. 19 and one on Nov. 8 — coincide with Cowboys games.

The Cowboys have drawn a league-high 128,750 to five home games this season, with their average of 25,750 also leading the NFL and college football.

15 responses to “Eight people who tested positive for COVID-19 attended a Cowboys game

  1. Some might be wondering why anyone would attend a cowboys game in a pandemic.

    Real question is, why would anyone attend a cowboys game?

  2. 8 out of 30,000. It is just as likely that those 8 picked up the virus while at the grocery store the day before going to the game. Also, if Texas “now has more than a million cases” then about 1 of every 20 people currently have the virus. Like many other media outlets, PFT is using the total number of cases since March and conflating that number with the number of active cases–as in the ones “now”.

  3. @Burrow_To_Boyd – But how many other people are these 8 people infecting with the virus and how much they helped the covid to spread? If you would read the articles, Tarrant County, TX where the Cowboys stadium is located just set a new record – by far – for new covid cases. Plus you have no idea if “all 8” will be actually “fine”.

  4. Nobody is being forced to attend. It is an individual’s choice and willingness to take the obvious risk. If they were offering free tickets or something then perhaps could be baiting, but still it’s not like the risk is unknown.

  5. “Odds are, alll eight are fine.”

    That will probably be true. But what most knucklehead deniers don’t understand is one of them could end up sick for weeks and need hospitalization. And not be old to have that happen.

    Go Cowboys!

  6. Maybe Jones should start helping out and be a solution instead of a problem. If money and ego are more important than people/fans then I for one think your priorities have been weighed and measured and been found wanting.

  7. If more people understood the long term affects of this virus, they’d have been more careful, and the virus would be history by now. How long did it take to understand the long term affects of concussions? Smoking cigarettes? Hepatitis? This virus causes permanent organ damage. Nobody wants to hear the truth, so nobody is listening. Cigarette commercials were on TV long after they knew they caused cancer. If you think someone else is looking out for you, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  8. Contact tracing has been a complete failure in this country. How many people who test positive are even contacted? The positivity rate in Texas is currently about 12%. That is not good. I would not go to a game for free in this current environment.

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