Greg Roman on Dez Bryant: If he keeps progressing, he’ll become a factor for us


Wide receiver Dez Bryant made his first regular season appearance since 2017 when the Ravens called him up from the practice squad for their Week 9 game against the Colts.

Bryant played two snaps and didn’t have a pass thrown his way, but the limited role didn’t stop him from feeling “very appreciative” of the chance to get back in the NFL. Bryant didn’t get called up for last Sunday’s game and offensive coordinator Greg Roman fielded a question Thursday about when he might get another look in the offense.

“Dez is doing a good job, he’s really getting caught up,” Roman said at his press conference. “He’s working hard at practice, in meetings. It’s good to have him onboard. Keep working and we’ll see where that leads moving forward. I don’t think there’s any real timeline right now, but I do think that if Dez keeps progressing he will definitely become a factor in what we do.”

The Ravens don’t have any wide receivers on this week’s injury report for Sunday’s game against the Titans, so the wait for Bryant’s next appearance may extend beyond this weekend.

8 responses to “Greg Roman on Dez Bryant: If he keeps progressing, he’ll become a factor for us

  1. Literally full-time activate those guy. His experience alone honestly makes him better than the entire core, minus maybe Snead who has been coming into his own in the last few games. Actually try throwing to him and you’ll see a difference. With the injuries, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be activated.

  2. In order to catch the ball you must have the ball thrown to you. Passing seems to be a bit of a problem with this offense.

  3. At what point do Ravens fans and NFL media and analysts finally stop with all the excuses and refusal to acknowledge the reality of Lamar and the Ravens offense? It is incredible how still to this day, with the Ravens passing offense the SECOND TO WORST IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE, everyone wants to keep hyping up Lamar and blaming everything and everybody else.
    Bad O line, droppped passes, poor WRs, injuries, poor play calling, the weather, the sun got in my eyes, the dog ate my homework.
    Why is it so wrong to simply state the obvious? He’s a terrible passer. Poor throwing mechanics. Bad reads. Can’t throw a ball outside the hashes. Prone to bad turnovers at exactly the wrong time.
    Stud athlete? Check. Exciting to watch? Check. Busts some incredible runs at times? Check.
    But he is the captain of the offensive ship for an offense that stinks. The ball touches his hand on 99.5% of the plays. The blame ultimately falls on him, and I think it’s actually sad how much everyone has built him up and placed him on the Mt Rushmore pedestal of GOAT QBs for a guy who has never won a playoff game and who has obvious, clear and consistent flaws that are getting worse. And defenses have now adapted.
    Why can’t the truth be acknowledged with this guy?

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