Justin Herbert: Rough game in Miami “a great learning experience”

Getty Images

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert has generated plenty of buzz with his play this year, but his biggest viral moment of his rookie season came off the field.

Herbert enlisted strength and conditioning coach John Lott as a barber in order to trim the long hair he’s sported all season and pictures of the resulting cut turned plenty of people into comedians on social media on Wednesday. Herbert professed to be happy with how his hair turned out, but it may still be a learning experience about going to professionals for such work.

It wasn’t the only lesson for the rookie over the last week. The Dolphins Defense gave him a hard time in last Sunday’s 29-21 loss and he posted his fewest passing yards since taking over as the starter in the second week of the season.

“You watch the film, but you [can’t] worry about it too much,” Herbert said, via Gilbert Manzano of the Los Angeles Times. “You can’t let the Dolphins beat you again and you can’t let them beat you next week [mentally], and you have to learn from it. I think it’s a great learning experience.”

Sunday’s game against the Jets will give Herbert a chance to show off what he picked up during last Sunday’s loss and a good showing might make others reach for the hair clippers before they get back on the field.