Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf are chasing Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison

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Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski recently jumped Steve Young and Jerry Rice on the passing touchdown connection list. Brady and Gronk still have a long way to go to catch the No. 1 tandem of all-time: Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.

Brady and Gronk, still in the low 90s, likely won’t get to 114. Another duo has their sights set on that number.

In a new feature at, Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf tells David Fleming that Metcalf recently received a text from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson pointing out that high-water mark.

“I keep that in the back of my mind every time I go play, every time I go practice,” Metcalf told Fleming. “That’s the record that has to be taken down by us. That’s who we’re chasing.”

They’re currently at 15. They need 99 to tie, 100 to take the lead.

Their next chance to add to their total comes on Thursday night, in a rematch with the Arizona Cardinals. When they met on a COVID-flex to Sunday night last month, the Seahawks scored 32 points — but Metcalf had only two catches for 23 yards. Throw in the fact that the Rams shut down Metcalf on Sunday, and Seattle should have extra motivation to find a way to get the ball into Metcalf’s hands.

Wide receiver screens. Jet sweeps. Line him up in the backfield and toss the ball to him. Just put the football in his possession and let nature take its course.

“He’s got superpowers, in a sense,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “What can’t he do?”

He can’t do anything without the ball. And it’s not enough to just hope Metcalf gets open while running a pass route. Metcalf is a weapon who can and should be used in creative ways.

If the Seahawks hope to avoid falling to 6-4 tonight, they’ll have some fresh ideas for getting the most out of one of the best players — not just receiver, but overall player — in all of football.

13 responses to “Russell Wilson and DK Metcalf are chasing Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison

  1. How did this guy slide so far in the draft? In comparison to the people working in front offices around the league I know nothing about football and it was blatantly obvious to me that he was going to be something special

  2. Some of those lob passes that Wilson had intercepted because he threw to less-athletic TEs who waited with outstretched arms as DBs high-pointed them for Ints last week would likely be caught by DK. Hopefully Russell learned that hard lesson. Those TEs are fine if they are open or you can hit them in the numbers but they cannot make those sorts of plays. I’d love to see that from a TE in Seattle but not happening right now.

  3. Russ better pull it together then. DK’s frustration was justified last week when Russ didn’t even look his way. Ramsey’s great, but DK was still open quite a bit. Russ was preoccupied throwing picks somewhere else.

  4. Why did he fall?
    If I remember correctly, Metcalf was afflicted with “stone hands” but he’s certainly worked on that…

  5. The record is a great goal to have but Russ needs to remember who his first look should always be, the most important and reliable receiver he has, Tyler Lockett.

    I mean if he is trying to force it to DK all the time, then it becomes way too predictable. Also, Moore and Swain have proved reliable outside of DK and Lockett, and as for TE’s, Will Dissly should be his first option, but I understand the hesitancy given his injury history and not wanting to overload him.

  6. @spartanlegend

    Freak Athlete doesn’t always translate to being good WR. Remember Kevin White? Remember DHB? Remember Charle Rogers? I know nothing about football too, but I think it’s easy to see why a guy with injury history, not the greatest hands and questionning route running ability to slip a little in the draft.

    He is a steal, but that the kind of gamble that sometime pan out, sometime doesn’t. I’m happy for him and for us. He’s great to watch.

  7. What utter nonsense.

    You don’t start talking about being “the best connection of all time” when you are literally 5-8 years away, even if everything goes great. It’s an insult to the greats from the past to make that comparison this soon.

    Metcalf looks unstoppable. Wilson is playing out of his mind. But a lot has to go just right to eventually break that record.

  8. Russ better pull it together then. DK’s frustration was justified last week when Russ didn’t even look his way

    DK may have been open, but the Rams D-Line was making life miserable for Wilson. He didn’t have the time to find Metcalf.

  9. DK does need to be used more but the priority should be to kick start that running game. Open up those throws and take the pressure off of this underwhelming defense, especially the secondary. Win some games and let the stats fall where the will. Russ can still cook, but maybe not such a big meal.

  10. Not a Seahawks fan by a long shot (one year dynasty not withstanding) but after his effort to run down and tackle that dude from the Cards after the interception I have nothing but respect for DK.

  11. DK Metcalf should also be returning kicks.

    Russell Wilson needs to get his “Bill Walsh” style short passing game together, considering the depth of talent Seattle has at tight end. With the running game, that is how the deep ball opens up.

  12. Shows where there head is at. Go chase championships, not stats. This believes me to think Russ is front running on TD passes when he can and is probably forcing some to DK to add to the stat.

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