Super Bowl VII MVP Jake Scott dies at 75

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Jake Scott, the Super Bowl VII MVP, died Thursday in Atlanta. He was 75.

“We are saddened to learn of the passing of Jake Scott,” the Dolphins said in a statement. “Jake made an impact from the day he joined the Dolphins in 1970, going on to earn five Pro Bowl selections, a place on the Dolphins Honor Roll and was the MVP of Super Bowl VII, capping off the only perfect season in NFL history. Our all-time leader in interceptions, he teamed with Dick Anderson to form one of the top safety duos in NFL history. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. He will always have a place in our hearts and memories.”

The 1972 Dolphins went undefeated, and Scott earned MVP honors of the Super Bowl that season. He capped the perfect season with two interceptions in Miami’s 14-7 victory over Washington.

Scott, a nine-year NFL veteran, won two Super Bowl rings and five times earned Pro Bowl honors. He was All-Pro in 1973 and ’74.

He played free safety for the Dolphins for six seasons after they made him a seventh-round choice in 1970. Scott concluded his career with three seasons in Washington.

Scott made 49 career interceptions.

18 responses to “Super Bowl VII MVP Jake Scott dies at 75

  1. The Original #13 in Miami. The equipment guys wouldn’t even give the number out again til Marino showed up. Seriously tough guy. Played in Super Bowl 6 with a hand he broke in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs and then broke his other wrist in the Superbowl. Played 11 games with a separated shoulder as a rookie. A guy that nobody messed with.

    RIP Jake.

  2. MortimerInMiami says:
    November 19, 2020 at 8:38 pm
    He should be in the HOF, incredible stats for only 9 NFL seasons!
    unfortunately him only playing 9 yrs is probably why hes not in.πŸ™„

  3. eaglesfan77511 says:
    November 19, 2020 at 9:39 pm
    MortimerInMiami says:
    November 19, 2020 at 8:38 pm
    He should be in the HOF, incredible stats for only 9 NFL seasons!
    unfortunately him only playing 9 yrs is probably why hes not in.πŸ™„

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    The Darelle Revis can’t be in. Scott had more hof level years than Revis did.

  4. Not a Fins fan but one of the best NFL-related articles I ever read was circa 2006 when the Sun-Sentinel tasked a reporter to track down Jake who had fallen off the map post-NFL – pull up the aforementioned media source with β€œJake Scott: Where’s Jake Scott? We found him.β€œ – he truly did it his way Requiescat in pace

  5. I thought he was one of the most underrated players of his time. He had a lot of interceptions, but I actually remember him more for his sure tackling. As the years go by the undefeated season gets more awesome. RIP Jake Scott. I’ll be raising my glass to you and your buddies when the Steelers finally lose a game this year.

  6. RIP Jake Scott

    He and fellow safety Dick Anderson were so good they cancel each other out for the HOF. Both are deserving. Despite going to three straight SB’s, only one member of the No Name Defence -Buoniconti-is in the HOF.

  7. An excellent ballplayer, sure tackler and dependable since he was there every Sunday. I just got a little older seeing this. Seems to be happening a lot lately.

  8. Not sure how many know this.. but Jake Scott was very, very bitter Don Shula traded him to the Redskins. He felt it was a betrayal… and felt even more betrayed when they gave his jersey to Dan Marino. Luckily.. after decades of bitterness, he re connected with Don Shula and the rest of the undefeated Dolphins about 10 years ago. Scott got to enjoy his unmatched accomplishment with the rest of the ’72 Dolphins properly before his passing. That team keeps losing legends πŸ™ RIP Jack Scott… go yell at Coach Shula for trading you in the skies above.

  9. My very first Dolphin jersey as a kid growing up in Virginia was #13. In college in 1985 I went into a store in Nashville where they would add any number to teams jerseys… I got #13 and the guy said β€œMarino huh”… I replied β€œnope, Jake Scott”. Now living in south Florida and every once in a while at a game you see a #13 Scott jersey πŸ‘

    RIP MVP #Original13

  10. This is depressing..RIP. Its a very shombering feeling when the players you watched and liked start passing away. I loved watching all the players on the 1972 undefeated Miami team, and now half of them are done.

  11. RIP Jake. There are fewer and fewer guys left from the ’72-73 teams. This year has been rough, Shula, Kiick and now Scott.

  12. My favorite story about Jake came from the late great Alex Hawkins.
    Alex was working a game for CBS.
    As the broadcast began, Vin Scully announced that Jake was to play with casts on both wrists.
    Alex replied: “Yeah, they flipped a coin to see who would go to the bathroom with him.”
    Alex was priceless.

  13. Yet another member of the glorious 1972 squad who passes away knowing in his mind, that he leaves this world in a class by itself. “UNDEFEATED!” Rest in peace Jake!

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