Bobby Wagner: Kyler Murray felt our pressure more than the last game

Getty Images

When the Cardinals beat the Seahawks last month, Kyler Murray ran wild, with 360 yards and three touchdowns passing and another 67 yards and one touchdown rushing. In Thursday night’s rematch, it was a different story.

In the Seahawks’ win on Thursday, Murray had 269 yards and two touchdowns passing and 15 yards and no touchdowns rushing, and he was sacked three times after not getting sacked at all the last time he faced the Seahawks.

Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said after the game that he thought the Seahawks got the pressure on Murray they needed.

“I definitely felt like he felt us more than the last game,” Wagner said, via

The Seahawks’ defense has been a disaster for much of this season, but it has played a little better in recent weeks, and Thursday night against Murray may have been the unit’s best performance yet.