Cam Newton “felt stagnant in my thought process” upon returning from COVID

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton had five interceptions in his first two games after coming back from the reserve/COVID-19 list and he said that “COVID fog” was not the reason why he struggled.

The time away from the team did have an impact on the mental side of Newton’s game, however. Newton explained on Thursday that he “just felt behind” after missing so much time because of how much there is to process in the team’s offense from week to week.

“Ever since coming back from corona, to be honest with you, I felt stagnant in my thought process,” Newton said, via “The play’s pre-snap production wasn’t happening fast enough for me in games. Did it happen in practice? Yeah. But still not fast enough. And even still now, I can get better. So each day, each week is an opportunity for me to really hone in on this offense and just do my job. That’s what it really boils down to.”

Newton has not turned the ball over the last two weeks and the Patriots have won both games to improve their chances of making a run at a playoff spot. He’ll try to keep it going against the Texans after another week spent honing in on what he needs to improve.

7 responses to “Cam Newton “felt stagnant in my thought process” upon returning from COVID

  1. Covid is a terrible disease. I do not understand why Americans are not willing to follow public health guidelines.

  2. When I went through it it took over three weeks after feeling better to get stamina and energy level back… Even then it wasn’t 100%.

  3. it’s a pure roll of the dice that no NFL player has died of the virus yet. They’re young but need to take this seriously. Young, healthy people die of it every single day!

  4. My throat was constantly sore and I had trouble breathing for 3 months, especially overnight + 24/7 fatigue.

  5. short term: flu like symptoms, trouble breathing, and possible death.
    long term: confusion and fatigue lasting months afterward.
    Masks and social distancing are everyone’s best chance until a vaccine comes out.

  6. I know some very healthy individuals who have contacted COVID and they all said the same thing; I took close to a month to get their full energy back.

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