Kyler Murray files for “Hail Murray” and “Murray Magic” trademarks


Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is becoming an NFL sensation. And if anyone is going to profit from that, it should be him.

A day after the Hail Murray happened, Murray’s representatives were making “Hail Murray” happen, registering for federal trademark protection for that phrase, along with “Murray Magic.”

Via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic, K1 Promotions, LLC submitted the appropriate paperwork on Monday.

The filings, per McManaman, explains that the phrases will be used for apparel purposes, and that the phrases will be used on a website that relates to the “accomplishments, exploits and biography of a professional football player.”

Before anyone suggests that Murray is being greedy or whatever, remember this: If there’s a market for this kind of stuff, shouldn’t Murray be the one who benefits from it? Plenty of radio shows and websites currently sell merchandise that infringes on the names and likenesses of others. The people who are responsible for the exploits should be the ones who profit.

20 responses to “Kyler Murray files for “Hail Murray” and “Murray Magic” trademarks

  1. This gave me a great idea, so I moved to trademark Murray Christmas; Eat, Drink, and Be Murray; and Murray Tyler Moore.

  2. I fully support this. However I was the one that coined Kyler Magic and would like a cut of that! 😂😂😂

  3. Looking to cash in as much as possible before his inevitable baseball career begins in 3 years.

  4. Maybe there’s some other Murray who’ll try to get in on this like how Micah Fitzpatrick and Ryan Fitzpatrick both wanted to copyright Fitz Magic.

  5. Hail Murray: Imagine wanting to be known not for your talent, but for your luck… Pass. I think we’ve seen the best we’re going to see from Kyler. He didn’t show me anything yesterday. Is “Mediocre Murray” available?

  6. If Jordan Poyer doesn’t blast Tre White in the ribs, that “Hail Murray” is a pass breakup at a minimum if not an interception.

  7. I hate it when players do this kind of crap. If he’s spending time focusing on this, he’s not focusing enough time on things that will make him a better player and teammate. Looks like another greedy multimillionaire athlete who seems to care more about lining his pockets than winning.

  8. What happend to Murray Magic last night in Seattle lol one lucky pass and catch this sounds a lot like that joker of a receiver that made a one handed grab with the stickiest gloves on the planet.

  9. Good for him. If Kyler doesn’t do so some other tshirt scammer will do so off of his likeness.

  10. Already taking his focus off football and on cashing in…. Can’t say I am surprised. As indicated last night, that is a good idea because against legit Defenses he just isn’t very good and if the rest of the team can’t bail him out they are unable to win games.

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