Kyler Murray on shoulder/arm injury: “I’m good”


Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray seemed to suffer some sort of shoulder or arm injury in the first half of Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks.

After the game, Murray downplayed the situation. “I’m good,” Murray said.

It didn’t look like he was good during the game. Trainers were working on the right arm/shoulder when Murray wasn’t in the game, and he was wincing as he threw the ball on the sidelines.

Murray seemed better in the second half, possibly because of whatever it was that the training staff did in the locker room to numb the pain, if as it appeared he was in pain.

Regardless, Murray has a couple of extra days to recover from whatever it was that was bothering him last night before facing the Patriots in New England. As of Wednesday, the Cardinals will have to disclose whether and to what extent Murray isn’t “good,” if he indeed has some sort of injury.

5 responses to “Kyler Murray on shoulder/arm injury: “I’m good”

  1. They were just a play or two from winning. He gutted it out and was making some good throws. Maybe a little late pulling the trigger on some throws, but that’s probably due more to not being able to see over the linemen, than a sore shoulder. A sore shoulder probably affects the throw when he’s running to his left and trying to throw back into the middle of the field, but that’s hard even with a good shoulder.

  2. He’s not a long term solution for Arizona at quarterback. By week 8 of next season he’ll be on injured reserve, and that will be the beginning of the end for this guy. Too small and NO HE’S NOT ANOTHER RUSSELL WILSON

  3. The kid is inaccurate and tries to throw on the run too much. People see his arm and athleticism and the 1st overall pick and just assume he’s great. He’s not. He is small and needs to run to see ovee the line.


  4. That’s what happens when they get to hit you. Learn to avoid the big hits like Wilson, and he’s bigger than you. The main thing is to be a better pocket passer. When the D loads up to stop his running, Murray needs to be able to make reads and get rid of the ball faster.

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