Matt LaFleur says Davante Adams “good to go”

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Packers wide receiver Davante Adams didn’t practice on Thursday because of an ankle injury, but there does not appear to be any concern about his status for Sunday.

Adams practiced on Friday and head coach Matt LaFleur sounds like a man who plans to have Adams running routes for Aaron Rodgers against the Colts this weekend.

“He should be good to go,” LaFleur said, via Matt Schneidman of

Adams played through the injury against the Jaguars last weekend and came up with the game-winning touchdown. He had eight catches for 66 yards and lost a fumble.

While LaFleur is bullish on Adams, it looks less likely that Allen Lazard will return to the lineup this weekend. LaFleur said he’s hopeful, but “I think it’ll be more something we’ll figure out on Sunday.”

6 responses to “Matt LaFleur says Davante Adams “good to go”

  1. What a BS list without Roethlisberger and undefeated Pittsburgh on the list. Herbert and Burrow ahead of Big Ben? Certainly more potential and upside, but as of right now, today, no way.

  2. Hopefully Lazard can go too.

    This is a big game. Time for all hands on deck. Let’s go!



  3. freefromwhatyouare says:
    November 20, 2020 at 6:44 pm
    Hopefully Lazard can go too.

    This is a big game. Time for all hands on deck. Let’s go!




    It certainly is because they way your team has played the past two weeks. The Packers are not physical at all they need to be up by 10-14 points. The will run into trouble the later the season goes because the Packers can’t stop the run on Defense. We all know a good running game in the play-offs is a good thing.

  4. Adams will probably play, as a decoy if nothing else. Rodgers will have to make do with whoever else is on the reliable depth chart, as he has done many times to-date while leading his injury-riddled team to an NFC-leading 7-2 record. It’s way too soon to call but he’s certainly in the MVP conversation.

  5. Playing him as a decoy is not wise either, lest he re-injure the ankle or makes it worse. Packers are making a push for #1 seed plus the North so if its worth it I guess it is. Huge difference play through ankle pain and playing thru a legit ankle injury. Coach said he “should” be good to go. But pre-game warm ups may tell the tale.

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