Multiple reports now say Taysom Hill will start

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The depth chart apparently will control, after all.

In the wake of Ian Rapoport’s hedge that, despite earlier reporting that Jameis Winston will be used in heavy doses on Sunday against the Falcons, multiple reports have more clearly pointed to Taysom Hill serving as the starter for the Saints on Sunday.

Adam Schefter of has provided the clearest indication that it will be Hill, not Winston. Schefter’s report also seems to close the door on the possibility of job sharing; he tweets that Hill will start, that Hill took all the starter reps in practice, and that Winston will be the backup.

As noted earlier this week, it makes sense based on the depth chart. Last year, Teddy Bridgewater was the No. 2 quarterback. Thus, when Drew Brees was injured, Bridgewater took over. This year, Hill is No. 2. The time-honored principle of “next man up” points to him.

Others who had been silent about the situation are now chiming in that we should have known all along that Hill would be the guy, given that the team gave Hill $16 million on a two-year deal. It’s easy to say that now. Few in the media were saying it earlier this week, before anyone was reporting that Hill would start.

Our best educated guess continues to be that, even if (as it appears) Hill will start, both will play. Ultimately, the flow of the game and other factors (like, for example, which guy plays better) will determine who ends up with most of the reps.

It ultimately could be no different than using multiple tailbacks. Both get a chance, and the coach eventually rides with the hot hand. That’s quite possibly what will happen on Sunday, even though the Saints would like to keep that quiet for as long as possible.

Indeed, if the Falcons now accept as true the notion that Hill will be the wire-to-wire quarterback, the Falcons will focus the balance of their preparation on Hill, and perhaps they’ll be less prepared when Winston enters the game.

35 responses to “Multiple reports now say Taysom Hill will start

  1. Why in earth would the Falcons not prepare for both QBs? Any good coach prepares for every player you could possibly face. But then again, maybe the Falcons don’t have a good coach.

    I think Falcons actually pull off the upset. They have been playing very well lately, and if it weren’t for some epic latte-game collapses they could easily be 6-3 heading into this one.

  2. No prep is needed for the Falcons D when Winston enters the game. Just sit back and wait for him to throw the ball right to their DBs.

  3. The Saints have to see what they wasted $21 million in eventually. Might as well do it now.

  4. I doubt the Falcons are very worried about Jameis. It’s not like they haven’t see him play these last few years.

  5. Doesn’t matter who starts. Jameis Winston will end up playing more snaps than his one-dimensional gimmick QB counterpart Taysom Hill.

  6. I get the Winston hate and his turnover ratio, but he did throw for over 5,000 yards last year and 33 touchdowns. I find it hard to believe that a change in uniform and system doesn’t deserve a crack at starting as your second quarterback considering many quarterbacks in the league can’t sniff those numbers. How do you sit a guy with that much talent on the bench in favor of an athletic quarterback that has shown he can complete passes when inserted into certain game situations that puts the defense at a disadvantage, but hasn’t shown he can line up every down and drive a team down the field. Making fun of Winston is fun and all, but if you’re trying to win games, don’t you go with Winston first and then go to Hill only when Winston fails?

  7. Payton is playing head games with Atlanta. Nobody but Payton knows who will start.

    I’m guessing that it’s going to be QB by committee. It doesn’t matter who will start…..both will play.

  8. This reminds of the movie any given Sunday. A great career has come to a end. Brees is not getting his job back. Taysum Hill is the dawn of a new era! He’s going to be like Steaming Beamon!

  9. Winston gives them 2 more TDs with 2 turnovers.
    Hill gives them 2 less TDs with no turnovers.
    Make your choice.

  10. This is because Brees is coddled. Bridgewater played great last year for the Saints and Brees came back before the bye week for no other reason that his insecurity. Hill is a nice gadget player. He isn’t an every down QB as we are all about to see.

  11. Taysom completed almost 70% of his passes in the 2019 preseason, 40 completions on 59 attempts, 3 TDs and 1 INT. Also had 18 carries for 148 yards. He’s a better passer than people think, although he’s more of a bootleg/rollout and cut the field in half kind of QB.

  12. I’m enjoying all these people who think they’re a better evaluator of QB talent than Sean Payton.

  13. If Brees can’t return in time to play the Chiefs on December 20, this team will likely drop at least three more games. The Falcons games could go either way. On Christmas Day, they are scheduled to play the Vikings as well. We all know they’ve struggled against that team these last three years.

  14. we all know what they have in Winston… he is reckless and will lose you games with multiple turnovers…
    People are naive if they don’t realize much of his numbers last year were do to great receivers making circus catches but more than that, he had been in the same offensive system several years… He is not going to just play as if he has learned that system for years…
    I’m sure he is going to panic and revert to turnover machine faster because of not being familiar with the Saints offense and lack of continuity…

  15. Taysom Hill has attempted just 18 passes in 46 career regular-season games, and completed 10 of those for a total of 205 yards, no touchdowns and an interception.

    Hill is a poor man’s Lamar Jackson, except Lamar can pass the ball much better (and Lamar Jackson is 25th this season in passing yards).

    After the Falcons zone in and shutdown the wildcat gimmick the Saints will be forced to bring in Jameis Winston.

  16. My guess is Winston plays 75% of the snaps at QB, despite Hill “starting”. It makes sense that Hill got a lot of the reps because he usually doesn’t get any at all, and they need to get him comfortable taking first team reps. Jameis has played QB his whole life and will be just fine taking the reps when he’s called upon.

  17. Sean Payton is outsmarting himself once again. He is about to lose the #1 playoffs seed.

  18. I hope it’s Hill starting, just to see what he can do for an extended period instead of one or two plays. If you figure in his worth as a backup QB, the versitility of his play and the extra stress he puts on opposing D, he might be worth the $8mil/yr he’s costing. But no way they win it all, SB, without Brees.

  19. The Falcons have been playing Winston for years. They’re preparing for Hill. He will most likely fail miserably. He’s not a QB.

  20. I, for ONE.. am quite anxious to see this man heralded as such a GEM and athletically gifted QB be a STARTER and play an ENTIRE game against a team.

    For THAT matter, the NEXT game when teams have seen film on him might be MORE interesting.

  21. I think the Saints need to know what Hill can do as a starter. It’s close to an urgent need. Probably even worth a loss if it comes to that, and I doubt Payton is worried about a season sweep from the Falcons. So a good time to do it.

    As for playoff seeds, I think they know they have decent odds of beating any NFC team, and that there’s still a lot of season left.

  22. Well when in doubt, start the QB who ISN’T a QB. Lol. If they roll with Hill it won’t be pretty.

  23. I can understand not wanting the turnover machine at the helm, but maybe having a “qb” that throws 10 passes a year also is not the best option

  24. Winston has proven on-field performance of throwing A LOT of INTs. That never cures itself standing on the sidelines regardless of new prescription from eye doc.

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