NFL is “gathering information” about Antonio Brown October 15 incident

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The Buccaneers have created some confusion this week regarding what they knew and when they knew it about Antonio Brown‘s October 15 off-field incident. The initial statement didn’t address whether they knew about it before signing him; coach Bruce Arians claims that it shows that they did.

Given the report from NFL Media that the NFL didn’t know about the incident until after news of the incident emerged, and in light of the obligations under the Personal Conduct Policy for the team and the player to disclose such information to the league office, PFT sent three written questions to the league office, with a request for on-the-record responses:

1. When did league know for first time about the reported October 15 Antonio Brown incident?

2. When if ever did the Buccaneers inform the league of the incident?

3. If the Buccaneers knew about the incident before signing Brown did they have a duty to inform the league?

The league’s response was this: “We are gathering information about the incident and will decline further comment.”

The lack of transparency is somewhat confusing, but maybe it shouldn’t be. The league currently has its hands full with COVID-19, and it likely would prefer not to spend time worrying about matters like these.

Regardless, significant unanswered questions remain. The rules, as applied historically by the league, give the NFL significant flexibility when it comes to taking action or not taking action against Brown. The league basically can do whatever it wants to Brown, from throwing the book at him to nothing at all, if the league so chooses.

The league also can say whatever it wants to say about Brown, and all it will say officially for now is that it is gathering information.

9 responses to “NFL is “gathering information” about Antonio Brown October 15 incident

  1. I cannot believe how many stupid teams continue to sign this uber trouble-maker, he will never be a model citizen, he always gets himself into trouble but teams continue to want him, i don’t care how good he is, he is a HUGE distraction & now Brucey boy is getting frustrated talking about the clown.

  2. NFL won’t do any thing about it. The NFL probably looks at it as minor compared to the usual stuff he gets involved in.

  3. How the NFL can stand by this statement with his past is laughable. Every one but the league office knows what should be done

  4. The NFL needs to make up its mind if it wants to specialize in football or criminal investigations.

  5. I cannot imagine that there is an awful lot of evidence to gather regarding this episode. From what I understand it’s pretty much a simple case with nobody -up to and including AB- denying any of the allegations that have been reported. Makes me wonder if the NFL is just letting this get swept under the rug…for whatever reason(s).

  6. Roger Goodell:
    “Antonio Brown is in trouble again?!?!? We need to fine the Patriots for employing such a scum bag. $5 million and their entire draft next spring”

    (From the back of the room):
    “He plays for the Buccaneers now Mr Goodell”

    (30 seconds of silence)

    Roger Goodell (looking at the lawyers):
    “Don’t want to penalize Tampa, so can we penalize New England anyways?”

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