Saints put Drew Brees on injured reserve

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees will miss at least three games because of his broken ribs and collapsed lung.

The Saints officially placed Brees on injured reserve today, which under this year’s rules means he has to miss three weeks. Brees had already been ruled out for this week against the Falcons and was expected to miss next week against the Broncos. It’s now official that he’ll miss the following week, also against the Falcons, as well.

It’s unclear how confident the Saints are that Brees can return after that. Brees indicated that he doesn’t expect to miss much time, but five broken ribs and a collapsed lung won’t be easy to return from.

The Saints are expected to go with Taysom Hill as their starting quarterback in Brees’ absence, with Jameis Winston backing Hill up.

32 responses to “Saints put Drew Brees on injured reserve

  1. And, that’s a wrap. Heck of a career.

    Collapsed lung is very serious and a 4-6 week recovery period. He won’t be back even if they think so.

  2. Played 1 half against Tampa with broken Ribs, played 1 half against SF with Broken Ribs and collapsed lung, threw TDs and completions, won the games…pretty tough guy, he’ll be back in time to roar into the playoffs

  3. The ribs issue alone would take a normal human at least 8 weeks to heal. The pain must be agonizing.

  4. I had 4 broken ribs and a collapsed lung when I was in my early 30s. It was agonizing to laugh or cough for a month afterwards and the lung takes weeks more to form proper scar tissue to make it safe enough for contact. They punch a tube through the wall of your chest to reinflate the lung.

    He’s quite possibly done for the year

  5. Nice career, but it’s possibly over, and if this season just ended for him he’ll beg his wife to let him come back one more time, so that he can attempt to keep up with the touchdown record that’s going to be held by Brady. He and the Saints are desperate for Drew to leave the game with that record.

  6. Wow – what a heck of a career Drew Brees has had. Not saying it’s over, but it very well could be.

  7. Keep crying swami. Patriots fans did it for years against Manning, and I’m sure you are one of them. Grade a weakling

  8. thermanmerman99 why can’t you get plunked by a city bus so we don’t have hear you squeal and reeeeeee about TB12 ever again hahaha You’re just jealous cuz Brady has lead jersey sales for over a decade now.

  9. So he played a half of football with broken ribs…I really want to know what pain killers these guys are getting. I’m going to need an explanation how these aren’t PEDs

  10. Talk about a perfect three game stretch to miss! Should have been a no brainer to put Drew on IR immediately after the injury. Seriously.

  11. I mean, seriously, if Taysom Winston can’t go 3-0 against that schedule then the Saints have some serious QB issues post Brees.

  12. I used to walk uphill to school both ways in the snow with broken ribs and both lungs punctured.These players are coddled way too much these days.

  13. “I mean, seriously, if Taysom Winston can’t go 3-0 against that schedule then the Saints have some serious QB issues post Brees.”

    Maybe, maybe not, that’s why they play the games…

  14. There are 16 MILLION reasons why Taysom Hill will be your starter unless he totally stinks; until Drew is able to return.

  15. The Saints have NO CHANCE of winning any more games with Tayson Hill at QB. Sorry back o the Aints if no Brees.

  16. HOF qb, still playing strong, good guy, getting old……. It’s time to hang em up, Drew. You’ve proven all you can prove. Take care of yourself!

  17. mogogo1 says:
    November 20, 2020 at 7:18 pm
    So much for the “couple weeks” prognosis they were floating just yesterday.

    10 3 Rate This


    It’s the John Whinebaugh disease. Downplays a serious inury and then a week later puts the important player on season ending IR, when he should have said nothing upfront.

    It’s arrogance.

  18. They should try Winston as a starter for 2-3 games, and use Hill the same way they did when Brees was playing. Forget the notion of depth chart, and Hill’s contract. By doing so, they will have a better idea of Winston as a potential replacement post-Brees. If they don’t win, in that short span, start Hill.

  19. Brees has played his last NFL game. The path is clear now for Tom Brady to make it to the SB.

  20. Nice career for Brees but I think he’s finished. Collapsed lung isn’t something to play around with. Probably number 4 on my list of best quarterbacks I’ve seen.

  21. For them to prefer a “jack of all trades, master of none” says a lot about what they think of Winston’s tendencies as a turnover machine.

  22. Even in this age of swathing QBs in cotton the fact that Brady, Brees and BigBen are still playing is amazing. They played most of their careers when QBs took a beating though not as badly as the rules allowed for previous generations of QBs like Montana, Marino and Dan Fouts. Given the current trend of ever greater restriction on defensive players, some of today’s QBs could play until George Blanda, an old Raider backup QB Who played until nearly 50.

  23. I’m a Bucs fan, and despite them being our rival, I’ve always been intrigued by the Saints. Especially from the really sad days. I read a great article on Saints blog with a very nice summary of Winston, whom I’m of course very familiar with, him having wasted five years of Bucs possibilities. This sentence was “If you’re looking for a stable option under center, Winston certainly isn’t your guy.” No surprise Taysom gets the knod. I really don’t think he is a “good” as Winston, but I think he is a much safer option who can be effective enough. That is, the Saints will rely on D to win the games while Brees is out. You can’t have a turnover machine ruin that, right?

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