Sean Payton: Someone has been named the starter, but we haven’t announced

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Multiple reports Friday morning point to Taysom Hill starting for the Saints on Sunday against the Falcons. That was news to Saints coach Sean Payton, who said he hadn’t seen the reports.

“I haven’t announced that either one of them are starting,” Payton said, testily.

Drew Brees will miss at least two games with five broken ribs and a punctured lung. Payton said if the Saints decide to place Brees on injured reserve “it would be before the game.”

Brees missed five games last season, with Teddy Bridgewater winning all five starts in Brees’ stead.

Hill is listed as No. 2 on the team’s depth chart, ahead of Jameis Winston, after the Saints committed $16 million to him on a two-year deal. Hill, a jack-of-all trades, has started 13 career games at other positions.

Still, Payton isn’t saying if Hill is starting.

“Someone has been named the starter, but we haven’t announced it. Is that alright?” he said, via Sean Fazende of FOX 8.

16 responses to “Sean Payton: Someone has been named the starter, but we haven’t announced

  1. It really doesn’t say much about Jameis when he can’t beat out a part time QB.

  2. This guy..
    ATL should just focus on shutting down Kamara. They have nothing else going.

  3. Per Football Outsiders:
    “Here are Jameis Winston’s statistics versus the Falcons in his career: nine games, 277.7 yards per game, 25 touchdowns, nine interceptions, a 66.0% completion rate, 8.7 yards per attempt, 11 sacks, 35 rushes for 166 yards and two touchdowns, an efficiency rating of 109.1.

    Those are Winston’s best numbers against any opponent he has regularly faced. He threw just nine touchdowns but 14 interceptions in nine games against the Panthers, with 32 sacks. He completed just 57.5% of his passes with 11 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and 24 sacks in nine games against the Saints. Keep in mind that the Falcons were a Super Bowl team in one of those years and a playoff team in another, so while their defense was never spectacular, Winston consistently put up solid numbers against a competitive opponent.”

  4. This ought to be interesting and if Hill flops it should end the rampant speculation that he is the heir-apparent. Well, according to some sources that will remain unnamed.

  5. Please let it be Jameis who ends up starting. And last minute decision please. To see a big goose egg for everyone in ESPN fantasy leagues that plan to slyly slip Taysom Hill into their TE or Flex positions would legit make my Sunday. Petty I know…

  6. Pretty simple equation to figure out.. The owner went and talked to Sean and told him their was probably 16 MILLION reasons to start Taysom, unless he falters this is your starter until Drew comes back.

  7. Duh, it’s Hill. He took all the first string reps this week. Thanks for the fake suspense, Payton.

  8. All of this just shows how little confidence Payton actually has in his QB room right now. Otherwise his otherwise egotistical self would just say who the starter is and claim they are ready to roll. Falcons win and embarrass Sean.

  9. Everybody . . . everybody – listen up: We are in the presence of FOOTBALL GENIUS!


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