Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston or both on Sunday?

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As Saints coach Sean Payton continues to keep his mouth shut regarding the quarterback plan in the absence of starter Drew Brees, the media has been trying (and so far failing) to provide any true insight regarding the quarterback reps on Sunday, when the Saints host the Falcons.

For the most part, Payton has put the Fear of Sean into his players, assistants, and others who are privy to the plan, keeping anyone from disclosing to someone in the media a clear answer as to who the quarterback will be.

Case in point: The latest report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media provides information but not actual clarity as to whether Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill play quarterback on Sunday, or whether the duo will be sharing the job.

“Intrigue in New Orleans,” Rapoport tweets. “The Saints have given QB Taysom Hill starter reps in practice this week, source said. So while Jameis Winston took over for injured Drew Brees last week, signs are pointing towards Hill getting his first NFL start at QB if all checks out after practice.”

That, frankly, is a hedge. No different that the hedge from earlier this week, when Rapoport said to “[e]xpect a lot of Jameis Winston” this weekend.

Rapoport later went even stronger in the direction of Winston getting the nod.

“The audition for QB Jameis Winston will be fascinating, though you’ll see Taysom Hill sprinkled in, as well,” he tweeted. “Winston came to New Orleans to learn from the guru Sean Payton. Now he gets to show it.”

The truth is that no one knows what will happen come Sunday. Winston could start. Hill could start. One could start, but the other could end up taking more reps.

Ultimately, all of Rapoport’s facially conflicting tweets could be proven true. We could see a lot of Winston. We could see an audition for Winston, with Hill sprinkled in. Hill could be getting “starter reps,” even if he’s not technically the starter, or the finisher.

It’s possible, if not probable, that Payton has given first-team reps to both players, not just to evaluate them but to prepare them, keeping the option open of having both quarterbacks play.

Regardless, we still don’t know exactly what will happen. And that’s exactly what Payton wants.

11 responses to “Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston or both on Sunday?

  1. Remember when Drew Brees got hurt last year? All the articles were saying the same thing Tyson Hill or Teddy Bridgewater? Sean Payton doesn’t like the opponents to have an upper hand and know which quarterback is going to start in advance of the game. Let’s be honest here Tyson hill is a gimmick player who comes in for a couple plays each quarter wildcat etc. He is not a starting quarterback they’re going to go with Mr. Crab legs

  2. They went 5-0 last year with the traditional backup QB starting and Hill staying in his limited role. Why would they abandon what worked so well before? And prepping two QBs is WAY harder than it sounds because time is limited so you’d effectively end up with two guys each only halfway prepared.

  3. Gee I dunno, it’s not like we don’t know who Sean is… surely we have never seen anything like this from him before! Lmfao

  4. Say what you will about Jameis Winston Interceptions which by the way he is in company with the likes of Peyton Manning and Brett Favre of the world but many like to pretend he was alone in that Department did lead the League in passing yards and had Tampa Bay with the number 3 OFFENSE last season. I’m still waiting for the Taysom Hill RESUME that shows he warrants START/SNAPS over Winston but I digress.

  5. Payton is trolling the media. Winston is clearly the starter. Hill is a gadget player that’s good in small doses. Payton never asks him to throw, which indicates Hill is a poor passer and isn’t a viable solution at QB.

  6. Neither of them know the offense like Brees and neither are the caliber of player as Brees… who the best option is between the 2 is anyone’s guess but if Hill isn’t better than Winston then they don’t have a true QB!
    a qb that so often plays for the other team as JW will likely lose them half or more of their remaining games… If he starts, 2-5 is a high possibility to end the season.. Maybe squeak a win against 49ers with all their injuries and maybe Broncos with their qb injured..

  7. Same folks saying Hill is going to be a Franchise QB are the ones saying Lamar Jackson is a glorified Running Back

    File that under – things that make you say … hmm

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