Bruce Arians guesses both Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston will play on Sunday

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Technically, the opinions of Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians on the expected quarterback playing time for the Saints on Sunday against Atlanta isn’t relevant because Tampa Bay wouldn’t face New Orleans again until the 2020 postseason, at the earliest. As a practical matter, the views of another NFL head coach on one of the biggest questions of the week are worth listening to, especially since he coaches a team in the same division as the Saints.

During his Saturday press conference, Arians was asked whether he’s surprised by the decision of the Saints to go with Taysom Hill over Jameis Winston in the absence of Drew Brees.

“No, not really,” Arians said. “[Hill is] a dynamic guy and he throws the ball a lot better than people think. He’s [also] been there longer. I would probably just guess they’ll see both of them.”

That could be a good guess, notwithstanding reports indicating that Hill will be the wire-to-wire starter on Sunday. It’s possible that the Saints deliberately are spreading misinformation regarding the possibility that both Hill and Winston will play, with a still-secret plan to give both quarterbacks snaps.

Ultimately, the bulk of the snaps could go to the guy who does the most with the ones he gets earlier in the game.

16 responses to “Bruce Arians guesses both Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston will play on Sunday

  1. I am really interested in seeing how this goes.

    The Falcons aren’t a great team, but this is still a solid barometer (or thermometer as Kramer would say) of how he will do as an NFL starter.

  2. Hill is the Saints’ QB of the future. The team will be looking to him for leadership while Brees is gone. Winston is strictly a backup.

  3. Saints are going to spend so much time on who is playing QB tomorrow that they are not going to be prepared for their biggest rival. Saints take the L.

  4. Wait – How is that possible? Sean Payton is conducting the greatest counterintelligence/disinformation operation since the D-Day landings! No one can even guess at what he might do!

    Anyway . . . I’m sure this “mystery” really affected Atlanta’s game planning. It probably took a lot of effort to account for a QB with a career 18 attempts and 205 yards on top of Winston with his 626 attempts and 5,100 yards just last year.

  5. WHO CARES WHAT BRUCE ARIANS THINKS? You lost to the Saints twice this year Bruce. In fact, you’ve lost to the Saints four times in a row and none of them were particularly close. Maybe save your “expert predictions” for the team you’re actually playing this week, moron.

  6. Start one, start the other, play both… The Falcons will stack the box to shut down Camera and when the Saints pass, the Falcons will cash in on the turn overs and constant over thrown passes… The Saints will be trying to plan how to fast track Trevor to save their season… A team that has several QBs has none!

  7. Yeah I get that his schtick is he answers every question with his honest opinion but it’s not a good example for his team to be talking/thinking about anything other than the Rams, who have all the talent and coaching to make the Bucs look silly on both offense and defense. They can rush the passer, and they can exploit a secondary too focused on making a big play and not on sticking to their assignments. That’s been the recipe for beating the Bucs this year. Set an example and make sure no one on your roster has anything except how they can win a game against the Rams on Monday night.

  8. The Saints are going to run, run, and run! So, Taysom Hill will be taking most of the snaps and will hand off the ball to Murray and Kamara until the Falcons defense stops the run. You’ll probably see Hill throw a few misdirection screens to the TE and WR on short routes, and it leads to touchdowns, not just field goals, you won’t see Winston take the field. If Atlanta jumps out ahead by a couple of touchdowns, Winston will have to be the QB that tries to lead them back. He’s a better passer than Hill. Regardless of the offensive game plan, the Saints need to be extra special on defense.
    Don’t forget one thing! If Winston and Hill are in the game at the same time, Sean is risking injury to his back up Quarterback and it could be catastrophic, if one or both get injured.

  9. Man, oh man. BA guesses both Hill and Winston will play this Sunday. This is yet another example of his genius. He has now surpassed Tony Roma in analysis and prediction.

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