Drew Brees has 11 rib fractures but has seen improvement in lung function

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Drew Brees had X-rays, CAT scans and saw doctors every other day this week. They confirmed eight rib fractures on his left side and three on the right, the Saints quarterback told Ed Werder of ESPN on Saturday night.

(Humans have 12 ribs on the right side and 12 on the left, in case you were wondering.)

Testing performed Monday revealed five rib fractures, though it was known he could have “even more.”

Brees told Werder, though, that doctors are encouraged by his progress, specifically improvement in lung function and the continued dissipation of his collapsed lung.

The Saints placed Brees on injured reserve Friday. That means he will miss at least the next three games. The 7-2 Saints play the Falcons, Broncos and the Falcons again in the next three games.

Brees told Werder he is hopeful he will be physically ready to play as soon as he’s eligible in Week 14 “and do so without further risk of re-injury.”

The Saints play the Eagles in Week 14.

New Orleans is expected to start Taysom Hill at quarterback Sunday, though Bucs coach Bruce Arians expects the Saints also to play Jameis Winston, who played for Arians last season.

The Saints went 5-0 without Brees last season as Teddy Bridgewater led them while Brees recovered from a thumb injury.

40 responses to “Drew Brees has 11 rib fractures but has seen improvement in lung function

  1. It’s amazing what these guys go through to play the game, especially those who no longer need the money. Respect..

  2. true warrior… time to retire and enjoy your family… I am sure the networks will want you broadcasting games whenever you want to accept the gig..

  3. first it was buiised ribs
    then it was a broken rib
    then it was two broken ribs
    then it was five broken ribs
    now it is eleven rib fractures

    I think I’m seeing a pattern.

  4. I’m no doctor, but I’m thinking you should miss more than 3 games if you have 11 broken bones in your chest.

  5. 11 fractured ribs? That’s all? That means he has 13 good ones. And only ONE of his lungs is collapsed.

    So 50% of his lungs are fine, and OVER 50% of his ribs! He will be back in no time.

    Please Drew, set your sights for January because I think that’s the absolute best you can hope for.

  6. And he finished the half by throwing a TD pass to cap off a successful two minute drive….. with 11 BROKEN RIBS & aA COLLAPSED LUNG!!! That is one tough ambre.

  7. Will take some awful bulky devices to provide safe protection against further injury until fractures are fully healed. Lung healing takes less time.

  8. veetan says:
    November 21, 2020 at 10:28 pm
    And he finished the half by throwing a TD pass to cap off a successful two minute drive….. with 11 BROKEN RIBS & aA COLLAPSED LUNG!!! That is one tough ambre.

    Or a guy so jacked up on painkillers he couldn’t feel anything.

  9. It only hurts when he breathes! These are seriously painful injuries.

    These painful injuries won’t be completely healed in a few weeks. Then factor in that his body is 41 years old. Being an NFL QB means that his body has had to deal with physical trauma for more than two decades.

    Football isn’t war, it’s a game. There’s a difference between being competitive and being an addict. Addicts have one concern, feeding their addiction. Most need help quitting. Most can’t see when their behavior is doing serious harm to themselves and the people they love.

    It’s time Drew. Fans have mad respect for you – always will. Go compete at being a fantastic dad, grandfather, and great grandfather.

  10. No offseason, very limited time to learn the playbook or establish continuity with receivers make Hill the wiser choice… This is how I foresee the next 3 games going:

    Saints start Hill and his running gets shut down so he passes… like most qb thrown in midseason he struggles and so they sprinkle in Winston.. Falcons win turn over battle and win.

    Saints start Winston against Broncos in Denver where the air is thinner… Winston’s passes sail on him more than ever, a couple ints for pick 6 and Broncos win..

    Saints try again with Winston which will not go well and then they put in Trevor since they are playing poorly but still lose..

    7-5 and desperate to rush Brees back which would be a mistake…

  11. If he comes back he’ll regret it, and if I’m a defensive guy for Philly, and Brees chooses that game to make his comeback, he’s a target no doubt about it. Even if it’s obvious I’m taking my shot

  12. 11 broken ribs and a messed up lung . And an epidemic out there. ? C’mon man. Football isn’t that important. You’re already a champion Drew.

  13. So much for rules and vests protecting the qback. What ran over him? How many medicinal shots did he take on sidelines and in locker room? Doesn’t he have a family to think about?

  14. I just realized something. Drew should retire now – immediately. Because if he does before Brady plays Monday night, he can always make the claim that he ‘retired the NFL all time regular season TD and yardage leader’. That will be true no matter what Brady does to end his career. But if he waits 1 day to long, those accolades will be off the table.

  15. My guess is that Mr. Brees is not getting much sleep right now. I’ve had a couple of cracked ribs and the pain at times was intense. Laughter is to be avoided, as our deep breaths or sudden movements. Can’t imagine the pain he’s in.

  16. When one football player break fractures 11 ribs and collapses a lung of another player, the NFL rules committee and player association should look closely at that play as it should not be repeated. The league is putting players lives at risk with dirty play that masquerades as a football play.

  17. Wow, when I had 1 broken rib I was in agony, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have 11 of them. I’m not a Brees fan, but I do hope he has a speedy recovery. I also hope for him that he doesn’t sneeze, cause that was the worst.

  18. Oh come on already, the Saints knew this was going to be Brees’s last season, time to start the QB transition…just came a little faster then they wantrd. Brees needs to get fully healthy for his family and future and that will take at least 3 plus months. Cant do that when 300lb men are body crushing you again in 4 weeks. It was fun watching you play Drew.

  19. there appears to be some light at the end of the salary cap tunnel in NO. brees’ days of holding them salary cap hostage are numbered.

  20. Drew, we love you but it is time to hang up the cleats. You cannot put your family through any more. You are one hit away from retiring in a wheel chair.

  21. Respect. Tough situation for him & organization. I don’t see him taking everyone’s advice & retiring. Once he gets recovered enough to play, he will, especially into the playoffs. This season maybe the best chance to make the SB, for a while, due to upcoming Cap obstacles.

    He will be back this season.

  22. This sounds like internal bleeding was on the doorstep. After $100+ Mill & a SB title, is it worth it, Drew?

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