Red Tails, Red Wolves, Football Team, Football Club among Washington name possibilities

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The Washington Football Team may remain the Washington Football Team permanently. Or it may be the Washington Football Club, Washington Red Tails or Washington Red Wolves.

Those are among the names under consideration, according to team president Jason Wright, who said Football Team, which was initially viewed as just a stopgap name, could be the team’s name for good.

“It’s definitely in the running,” Wright told ESPN. “I don’t think anything is off the table. . . . With this one, people are excited about the idea of a club has an identity rooted solely in the area it represents. Maybe it’s Football Team or it’s Football Club. We need to get underneath the why, so no matter what direction we go, we can pull on the heartstrings of folks.”

Wright also said naming the team Red Wolves would be a good way to get recognition for an endangered species.

“We could do something around conservation and animal rights,” he said. “That’s a compelling idea; an idea around the fan experience of a howl that would fill the stadium. Underneath for us is to understand why. Are we an environmentally savvy fan base across fan groups?”

The Red Tails, a nickname used by the Tuskegee Airmen, is also a candidate.

“If you’re repping this area, you have to go big on vets,” Wright said.

The team is expected to choose its name at some time in 2021.

72 responses to “Red Tails, Red Wolves, Football Team, Football Club among Washington name possibilities

  1. Call em The Red whatevers. Just do something with the helmets. It looks like a fake team from a Vizio commercial.

  2. I love the Red Tails. Tuskegee Air men was badass! And you’d be guaranteed to never have someone get offended down the road and make you change it again.

  3. Anything but Red Tails. You will lose support if you link yourself to a specific racial or ethnic group. Plus you’d be rewarding the mentality that forced the name change

  4. Owner has right to be concerned about repercussions from any name chosen. Forced to drop former name, not gonna be forced to create another one.

  5. They spent a ton of money rebranding the team facilities, stadium and merchandise. I highly doubt they well do it again. Washington Football Team is here to stay.

  6. The names change should have happened years ago.

    THAT SAID… I still prefer Bullets to Wizards.

  7. Washington Red States?
    But seriously, with a nod to old time baseball (and yes I know it’s Cincinnati, not DC) but give em red pants and call em the Red Legs.

  8. The Washington Football Club can fly. It has a bit of an English Premiere League feel to it does it not? Cheerio Chaps!

  9. Daniel Snyder must be color blind, because they are NOT “red”. They are BURGUNDY.

    So start there Danny.

    The Burgundy Bombers.

    The Burgundy Boys

    The Burgundy Brave

    The Burgundy Bozos

  10. Im suprised they couldn’t work out something with the Guy who trademarked all these team names.Give the guy season tickets for life and call the team Washington Warriors That’s my favorite one

  11. honoring the Tuskogee Airmen would be really, really cool. Especially after years of a stupid and insulting nickname. That sounds like a win win.

  12. Red Tails. The Tuskegee Airmen were heroes, period. I had no issues with Redskins, but if you’re gonna change your name, at least make it a meaningful one.

  13. tinye67 says:
    November 21, 2020 at 10:16 am
    I love the Red Tails. Tuskegee Air men was badass! And you’d be guaranteed to never have someone get offended down the road and make you change it again.

    Ha! People get offended at EVERYTHING these days.

  14. As a fan of the team, the only name I don’t like is the current one. Washington Football Team sounds like a 4-year-old made it up.

    I can’t believe people actually like that just because they’re used to it already.

    Red Tails, Red Wolves sound fine. Another one I heard floated is Sentinels. Even Football Club.

    Just change the current, obviously temporary name. Like the helmets though!

  15. It can simultaneously represent one of the most bad *ss military planes ever as well as pay homage to one of the coolest nicknames in team history for that nasty offensive line from the 80’s.

  16. I like two names for them — the Washington Monuments or the Washington Generals. To keep it the way it is now is just ridiculous.

  17. Keep it as “Football Team,” and do not choose one simply as a knee-jerk reaction to current times, no matter how noble the intentions. Even with “Football Team,” it would be referred to as “Washington” 95% of the time anyway.

  18. Do not use any group, or anything that will offend in the future! If not Football Club then a color or inanimate object!

  19. “We could do something around conservation and animal rights,” he said. “Are we an environmentally savvy fan base across fan groups?”

    So, Dan Snyder will name them the Red Wolves, start a foundation to raise awareness, and then let the foundation fade away when the PR spin wears off?

  20. As a relation to wolves, we cannot object more profusely at the possibility of being forced into partnership with Dan Snyder. Life is hard enough.

  21. New name should be Redskins* The “*” meaning no offense implied or intended.
    A second choice could be the Washington Wokeskins.

  22. Too bad they didn’t start with Washington Team Football ’cause then they could create a very cool WTF logo to go on the helmits, endzones, etc, etc, etc. I know I think WTF every time Snyder makes another decision, so this name would work on the corporate level too.

  23. I think they should name the the team, “The D.C. Cabs”. (I’m sure Mr. T would approve.) Besides, it would give the term “taxi squad” a whole new meaning.

  24. Red Tails or Red Wolves…..If they call themselves the Washington Football Team/Club then I would be embarrassed to be a fan of them

  25. Until they football team can GET INTO the playoffs, they deserve to be in team name purgatory.

  26. Very cool helmets, and Football Team is surprisingly sounding just fine to my ear lately, and the upside-down Golden Gophers logo is growing on me, too. Did Washington actually get some stuff right albeit accidentally? Wow.

  27. First impression of Red Tails was those baboons with the bright red bottoms….
    Red Wolves could have several different applications to associate with it…

  28. I like Washington Football Team. The story behind it reminds us of a very strange, but interesting time in American history.

  29. The Little Red Hens. Why? – because it’s Washington, and the sky’s always falling there. Just ask the politicians.

  30. How much money has it cost the Washington team to not have an official name?
    It strikes me as a very costly mistake being so slow in coming up with a new name.
    But then again it’s just money so with a Snyder care ?

  31. I hope they pick players better than they pick team nicknames.

    I think that “Red Tails” is extremely appropriate. People with “Red Tails” are perpetually angry and perpetually offended. That represents 90% of professional sports, and America really.

  32. Metro area is infamous for gnats. Team used to have a Hogs fan base.

    So, either Wash. Gnats; or Washington Hogs. After all, they have fans already rooting for them.

  33. If you saw “The Replacements” you know the Sentinel’s uniforms are very cool. GO WITH SENTINELS!!!!

  34. It’s weird, but “The Football Team” kinda works. Otherwise, “The Redtails” is really cool. I have no dog in the fight. Maybe, the “Washington Nixons?” LOL!

  35. i dont care what they’re called as long as snyder owns the team. once he sells, they can switch back to redskins assuming they starting winning again.

  36. People don’t like “red tails” b/c it feels like it’s pandering to a minority group after just having lost the name of the team due to other minorities being offended.

  37. The RedTails can not work. If you want every player to be teased about getting their tail handed to them or “spanking them until their tail turned Red”, sure call them this name. You will get no player wanting to be drafted to the Redtail’s. You will then have a loosing team again, and again. You will get every drafted player wanting to run for the hills.
    Red Wolves improves the fan experience and Player experience. Have Red Wolves at the Smithsonian Museum. Literally breed the fan appreciation for the mascot and team. Many people will take their wives, mother’s to the game to hear the howl.You could show a digital wolf on the main screen starting to howl to que up the fans. Fans will run.

  38. 1) Name Choices: HTTR – Red Wolves
    2) No other HTTR works – maybe Red Braves but you may offend some one

  39. Every player celebration – a howl. A Den of Wolves If I am a coach and want a team Mentality, I want a Den of Wolves

  40. Washington “Football Team” is the most pathetic, dumb, unoriginal name I have ever heard. Looking forward to them getting a legit team name.

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