Report: Joe Judge, Marc Colombo had been feuding for weeks

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The sudden firing of Giants offensive line coach Marc Colombo was anything but.

According to Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post, tension existed for weeks. It had involved coach Joe Judge and Colombo squabbling over technique used by center Nick Gates. It had involved Colombo swearing at Judge after Judge criticized rookie Andrew Thomas during a film session.

The problem reportedly traces to Judge and Colombo disagreeing on the decision to rotate offensive linemen, which was perceived by Colombo as micromanagement.

The breaking point came on Tuesday night, when during a routine meeting Judge told Colombo that Dave DeGuglielmo would join the staff as a consultant. A verbal confrontation ensued, with Colombo reportedly “using one particularly vulgar term.” (Please, let’s not try to guess the “particularly vulgar term” in the comments.)

The firing came the next morning, with Colombo out and DeGuglielmo in.

Conspicuously quiet in all of this has been offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. It was Garrett who brought Colombo from Dallas. It was Garrett who undoubtedly vouched for Colombo. It is Garrett whose judgment Judge quite possibly questions at this point.

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  1. I wish I knew a little more about Colombo and Judge from an experience point of view. I know Judge’s background at NE was Special Teams and I think WR coach. I don’t believe he has any background in O-line. But ultimately doesn’t matter since he is the HC. Does anyone know if Colobo’s O-line experience is with zone-blocking versus traditional gap/slide? Maybe there is some philosophical differences at play.

  2. Quote :”It is Garrett whose judgment Judge quite possibly questions at this point”

    Nonsense. Ultimately Judge makes the final decision on any Asst Coaches who are hired.
    Even if Garrett recommended Colombo he is not the one who gave him a job.

  3. Fan confidence is the highest its been since MacAdoo’s first year. Anyone who has watched all of their games this year knows that the Giants are a playoff team next year. Point is, Judge is doing something right and those not on board with him need to be shown the exit. Colombo needs to adjust his attitude.

  4. If the head coach say play Joe and you don’t like it you have 2 choice’s/play Joe or resign. The guy who resigns will have a better chance of finding a new job. Bill

  5. Judge is the head coach. He was Colombo’s boss. If Colombo did not understand that or thought he could do whatever he wanted because his old buddy Garrett was there, he was mistaken. The way Garrett and the old Cowboys tolerated pretty much anything are not the way many teams do things. Many teams have their head coach run things like a real head coach, not how like the Cowboys do things.

  6. Judge is just another HOTSHOT Bellichick wanna-be, who looks in the mirror every morning CONVINCED that he’s the Second Coming of Bill. I laughed at the hire the day and t happened and this sort of dysfunction among his staff in YEAR 1 only proves me right.

  7. Apparently Columbo argued with him frequently and swore at him which is hardly a formula for keeping your job.

  8. Judges first mistake was bringing in Jason Garrett who only proved one thing in Dallas, and that was how to be a great yes man

  9. Makes me wonder if there is a head coach job lurking out there somewhere for Garrett. If he had Columbo’s back he should resign soon as possible, but I know I am old school in my thoughts on dedication and my word.

  10. Ha! Giants. Remember how high they took Saquon Barkley instead of a QB. Then he spent most of his career on IR. Then they took Flacco 2.0 because his college coach had a meal with the Mannings. Fire the o-line coach because you want to do his job too. To see so many different types of dumpster fires called the NFC East is entertaining.

  11. I look at Colombo’s record when he was with the Cowboys and what the Cowboys O line is now. Apparently Big Mac didn’t want him around and brought in an old buddy boy. The Boys QB, whomever he is, probably feess like he is playing in the middle of Interstate 20 the way opposig D linemen buzz through his backfield.

  12. the GINGER was a lap dog in dallas and he’s one in new york too.
    looks like columbo has aspirations of being the same.

  13. lol Judge is like Bill O’Brien, a Belichick wannabe with not even the slighest amount of BB’s chops…and I don’t even like the Patriots!

  14. For you folks who characterize this guy as a knucklehead for feuding with a boss; from my experience, horrible leadership can also lead to these situations, and employees find themselves in impossible situations. And that, in turn, sometimes results in said employee getting fired because he pushed back to hard. That doesn’t necessarily make he employee a knucklehead.

  15. Rotating offensive lineman is stupid – the best lines have continuity. If anything they should have focused on putting the best five on the field.

  16. Heard a great comp this week. These Giants are JUST like the 1996 Bucs in Dungy’s first year. Judge is doing a good job, and they’re getting better. Although I don’t recall Dungy getting into any fistfights with his staff.

  17. @Superfanentertainment…

    If you want to see club disfunction take a walk across the street to the Jets headquarters. THAT is what you call disfunction.

  18. harshestreality says:
    November 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm
    Rotating offensive lineman is stupid – the best lines have continuity. If anything they should have focused on putting the best five on the field.

    Then tell me, who are the best five?

  19. Sounds a lot like last years Browns under Freddie Kitchens who was also a coach with no experience telling assistant coaches with more experience how to do their jobs. Don’t be surprised if the players start jumping ship now that they see how quickly their coach will throw them under the bus when things go south.

  20. I would have to assume Garrett and Colombo were brought in to replicate the Dallas offense and in particular offensive line. I have no idea if Joe Judge was on board with that idea. It may have come from above. It’s very obvious that Judge is not on the same page with Colombo style of line play. All of us who watched the Cowboys know Garrett will side with his bosses and do whatever keeps his job.

    Like others, I laugh at Joe Judge being named head coach. I though he would be over his head as a head coach at the NFL level. For me you lead by example and you need the players and coaches to buy what you are selling. You can’t be simply be an authoritarian. Do as I say or. So far, he hasn’t done anything to impress me. We will see by the end of the year. After all, the Giants play in the east where nobody want to be dominate team!

  21. If Tom Brady would have left New England 4 years ago, Judge would have never gotten a head coaching job to begin with. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Joe Judge isn’t earning anyone’s respect.

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