Brian Flores: Tua Tagovailoa wasn’t hurt, will start next week

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The Dolphins never announced an injury for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa after pulling him from Sunday’s loss against the Broncos and head coach Brian Flores said after the game that there wasn’t any injury to announce.

Tagovailoa was sacked six times and looked like he twisted his leg awkwardly on the last one, but Flores said in his postgame press conference that pulling Tagovailoa for Fitzpatrick was strictly a football decision. Flores said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, that it was their “best move at that point in the game. He gave us best chance to win the game.”

Flores said that the decision he made was for Sunday’s game only and that Tagovailoa will start against the Jets in Week 12.

Tagovailoa was 11-of-20 for 83 yards and a touchdown. Fitzpatrick was 12-of-18 for 117 yards and a late interception that ended any hopes of a Miami comeback.

27 responses to “Brian Flores: Tua Tagovailoa wasn’t hurt, will start next week

  1. Dumbass. You don’t get the benefit of the doubt on “football decisions” when you sit the incumbent starter, who is killing it , to turn things over the to the roomie who has never played. You want to have tour cake and eat it too. DO. NOT. WAFFLE!

  2. Istill not seeing what all the hype about Tua is . Not saying he won’t turn out to be a great QB . But I watched all of this game and vs the Rams n bet saw 1play in either game that impressed me. Despite his 3 yd td passes in each game the announcers gushed over . Dolphins offense look d much better with Fitz especially how they now say Tua wasn’t removed for injury. . Dolphins best chance of making playoffs is with Fitz but that’s none of my business.

  3. Fitz should be starting the next 2 games. However if Gailey is going to continue to call plays he needs to open the playbook up like he does for Fitz!!! That dink and dunk that he calls for Tua is stupid. This is year 2 of a 3 year rebuild. Don’t worry about playoffs. Just open up the playbook and see what happens

  4. Miami offensive line got worked. Their defensive line didn’t do much better either. It must be the high altitude and the cold weather.

  5. Well Brian Flores has been great with every decision this season However pulling Tua without and injury for Fitzpatrick was a mistake. Throwing interceptions is what Fitzpatrick does under pressure.

  6. Last week everyone was saying it was too early to annoint TUA (agee) and now this week everyone saying that he’s trash and not NFL caliber. Relax people.

  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick is just good enough to play really well for 2 or 3 games. Then he turns back into…Ryan Fitzpatrick. There’s a reason he can’t stick and has played for 8 teams.

  8. If Tua wasn’t hurt it was good that Flores pulled him before he got hurt. He might be ready to lead a good offense but he’s clearly not ready to carry the team. And that would be what it takes right now. With 2 rookies on the O-line One real receiver in Parker unless Williams is on the field and little run game it puts it all on Tua. Today he wasn’t ready. Fitz was amazing and if he had come in sooner (to start the 3rd) Fins might have had a different outcome. Does Tua start next week? Yes… with a shorter leash.

  9. Just when you thought Marino would hand over the crown.

    Games a lot different when your D/ ST doesn’t spot you 14 points. He’s a game manager with no big play ability. If Denver can do this after 3 weeks of tape he’s in big trouble. The NFL isn’t so easy after all is it?

  10. Tua can’t do it alone. The line struggled and no separation from his receivers. Stop running up the middle and open the offense up for Tua. Gailey’s offense is vanilla and doesn’t scare anyone.

  11. He is a rookie. In the real world he would just be completing his fourth preseason game. He has all the intangibles,now all he needs is game experience. And remember,it’s only year two of the rebuild with another slew of top draft picks. Have patience with the process and enjoy the ride.

  12. Fitz was playing against prevent and the Broncos weren’t blitzing and he still threw three passes that should’ve been picked, followed by the actual pick.

    Fitzpatrick wasn’t better, he was definitely more reckless though.

    Benching Tua was dumb and probably the biggest mistake I’ve seen Flores make this season.

  13. Tua will be fine.

    He needs to start pushing the ball down the field the defenses are looking for the check down now

  14. At this point and time Ryan Fitzpatrick is a much better QB than Tua Tagovailoa and It was a bone headed move to remove Fitzpatrick when he was playing as well as he was. Tagovailoa will improve over time, but Flores might have prematurely pulled the plug on RF and rushed a rookie that is obviously not ready to take the reins.

  15. Obviously i’m a Bills fan, but putting a rookie “savior” quarterback in and having high expectation is wishful thinking

  16. Tua is a rookie and while he wasn’t good today, let’s not forget he was better last week and the week before and I know everyone bashes his Rams game, but remember he didn’t HAVE to do much. Today he wasn’t on, but I feel he’s shown enough. If Miami is stupid enough to pull a Rosen on him, I hope Washington gets him

  17. Everyone has bad days. Tua wasn’t gonna skate through the rest of the season without one. If he got sacked 6 times then Flores pulled him before he got hurt like Burrow.

    On one hand I get it, on the other I think it doesn’t help the team. Now Tua will wonder when he’ll get pulled next, and Fitz will wonder when he’ll be asked to go in cold and try to save a mess made by the rookie.

  18. On one hand? Really? I’m glad to know Tua has to wonder. Maybe next game he’ll be more prepared. As for Fitz, he knows why he’s here and is way to smart of a guy for that to be even a question. Tua’s the future without question … uh.. until HE proved it was a question yesterday. Thank goodness the Fins have a coach that has a pair to do just what he did yesterday. The only thing different he could have done was do it with a little more time left on the the clock.

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