Browns beat Eagles 22-17 to improve to 7-3

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It wasn’t always the prettiest of afternoons for the Browns on offense, but the result looks just fine.

Kareem Hunt ran for a touchdown, the defense produced nine points and the Browns are 7-3 after beating the Eagles 22-17 in Cleveland on Sunday. It makes two straight wins for the Browns and they can ensure they go at least .500 on the year by beating the Jaguars next Sunday.

Hunt got the touchdown, but Nick Chubb was the most productive Cleveland back on a rainy afternoon in Cleveland. Chubb had 20 carries for 114 yards, including a 54-yard sprint that set up Hunt’s touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Baker Mayfield was 12-of-22 for 204 yards and has now gone three straight games without a touchdown. He’s also gone three straight without an interception and the Browns might be willing to deal with that tradeoff as long as the team keeps on winning games.

Carson Wentz did not avoid turnovers. He had a second quarter interception returned for a touchdown by linebacker Sione Takitaki and he threw another pick in the fourth quarter to all but extinguish any flickering hopes of a comeback. The Browns also sacked him five times, including a safety, as center Jason Kelce and right tackle Lane Johnson both missed time due to injuries over the course of the afternoon.

The loss is the second in a row for the Eagles, but they remain in first place in the NFC East with a 3-6-1 record. A visit from the Seahawks is on deck for Week 12 and another loss in that game may finally knock them from that perch.

23 responses to “Browns beat Eagles 22-17 to improve to 7-3

  1. Every week, thousands of people become Olympic-level mental gymnasts to excuse Wentz’s failures. Unlike their cult-like idol, they’ll need to really be on their game this week.

  2. eagles blow. nfc east blows. browns will rule the nfl for years to come. book it. HOORAH!!! SEMPER FI!!!

  3. At this point the SINGLE, LONE reason to keep Carson playing is because he’s paid to play. He is a Bottom-3 QB paid Top-10 money (it’s true by many metrics).

    If you want to develop the future, or possibly win another game (imagine that!), then Jalen Hurts needs to go in.

    But in moments that matter, Carson Wentz hurts Philly’s chances of winning more than he helps.

    Carson Wentz was elite for part of one season.
    Carson Wentz is a turnover machine.
    Carson Wentz is nobody’s MVP.
    Carson Wentz is no longer a franchise QB.
    Carson Wentz is overpaid (thanks, Howie).
    Carson Wentz is a disappointment in 2020 (hard to do with the bar 2020 set).

    But Carson seems to genuinely-believe they’re just about to turn things around…

    …I need another drink…

  4. If your QB
    has 0 playoff wins
    61 fumbles
    Is 7-25 vs teams over 500
    has no heart no desire to win
    started 5-6 in 4 of his first 5 seasons
    Never upset after loses
    hated by teammates
    makes everyone near him worse
    holds ball too long
    ignores open receivers
    Your QB is Carson Wentz

  5. Carson wentz single handily destroyed the eagles franchise . Worst decision in history getting rid of foles

  6. Iggles have 3 wins and will end the week in first place. Giants and WFT at 3-7 are one game out of the lead. So will the Cowboys if they win today. What a dumpster fire.

  7. Just remember after nick foles won the super bowl wentz started 5-7 in 2018 then foles took over same team and won

  8. cumhyy57 says:
    November 22, 2020 at 4:54 pm
    Just remember after nick foles won the super bowl wentz started 5-7 in 2018 then foles took over same team and won


    Actually Foles started the season and he was so bad they rushed Wentz back from a back injury.

  9. pmlang says:
    November 22, 2020 at 5:01 pm
    cumhyy57 says:
    November 22, 2020 at 4:54 pm
    Just remember after nick foles won the super bowl wentz started 5-7 in 2018 then foles took over same team and won


    Actually Foles started the season and he was so bad they rushed Wentz back from a back injury.

    Actually foles three for 337 yards the week before wentz took over in 2018 nice job lying; wentz went 5-6 in 2018 doles won

  10. Mayfield’s statline doesn’t matter. He’s literally the winningest quarterback the team has had since the reboot in 99. He’s on his 4th HC and coordinator in his third year, he lost his 1A receiver (recall the talking heads saying the offense would be better without lol) and yet he keeps plugging along. With a full season and offseason under coach, he’ll be fine next year.

  11. Actually foles three for 337 yards the week before wentz took over in 2018 nice job lying; wentz went 5-6 in 2018 doles won


    He threw for 337 yards…and lost…to Ryan Fitzpatrick. The first game they won 18-12 because of the defense. Foles had 117 yards and an interception.

  12. Carson Yutz continues to prove he is the dumbest athlete to ever play professional football. He must have someone dress him so he can put his pants on the right way.

  13. @pmlang

    Your wonder boy Wentz has lost to practically everyone good or bad under the sun. What’s your point? The kid is a disaster, with his only real show in a shortened 2017 season.

    Now THAT is “catching lightning in a bottle”. Your favorite dig against Foles applies way more to Wentz. At least Foles was championship winning lightning.

  14. Name one successful QB that has barely competent coach, the play calling of high school team and 1.5 seconds to throw the ball. When you run a hitch route you’re supposed to drive back to the ball. That was done exactly 0 time today. Those of us that have played and coached football knows that this is fundamental. That’s coaching.l and the play calling is mediocre at best. If you look at every other team, they run receivers in motion and split out RBs. We do none of that. The best Doug scan come up with is a fake jet sweep that he runs 3 times a game. The offense is bland and predictable, that, along with the 5 matadors on the offensive like will cripple any QB. He was hit on the first INT and the second INT was a bad decision and he never should have thrown it, but Alshon completely mistimed his jump. Doug gives up on the run and does not utilize a rolling packet which take some pressure off of the Oline. Doug Pederson is ruining Carson Wentz.

  15. The Browns have a Head Coach who is smart while the Eagles don’t. Browns 25.1 Pass plays a game to 31.9 Runs. Eagles 41.9 pass plays to 24.1 Runs. Pederson has called three games where the Eagles ran the ball less then 20 times. The Browns without Myles Garrett played tough defense against the Eagles. Frank Reich had more to do with the Eagles Superbowl run then Doug Pederson. I wish the Browns would play Chubb and Hunt together more. Like the Days of Mack and Byner. The Eagles had 40 pass plays to 25 runs while the Browns had 25 pass plays to 40 runs. The Browns are now playing Jacksonville a team tied with the Bears for least rushing attempts in the league 217 another team throwing more then 40 times a game. The Browns are 4-0 against these teams. 2 Wins against the Bengals, Beating the Cowboys when they did have Dak Prescott, and now a win against the Eagles. The Browns have 3 very winnable games against the Jags, the Giants and the Jets.
    While they also have 3 games against Tough opponents the Titans, Ravens, and Steelers.
    The Titans and Ravens are Balanced. The Steelers are on the fringes of the 40 pass play a game club.

  16. Chubb’s 54-yard run was monster. Turned the game around. His stiff arm on Ostman was brutal, and he totally twisted around Avonte Maddox. (Give Ostman credit, though, he got up and actually made the final tackle. Impressive.) Fun game.

  17. The Browns are 7-3. The Strength of the Team is Chubb/ Hunt and the Offensive line. Go look at Bernie Kosar’s stat lines from 1985 or look at the Dolphins from 72 and 73. The Dolphins had a Defense, The Browns have guys who can rush the passer, they let go there most Gifted LB Joe Schobert replacing him with someone cheaper. The Browns one starting safety would not start on any of the other 31 teams Sendejo. He is a special teamer and Emergency backup at best. The Browns offense is built to win in bad weather. The only team that is looking like it is making the playoffs in the AFC in a Dome is the Colts. The Browns should beat Jacksonville, the Giants and the Jets. The other 3 the defense needs to step up there game in the Titans, Ravens and Steelers. But maybe Mr. Fichtner will abandon the Run for the Steelers.

  18. Name one team that won with a qb that ignores open receivers holds ball too long has no desire to win has zero playoff wins and makes everyone weiss I’m listening you won’t find a single gems on history Carson wentz destroyed the eagles franchise

  19. Just remember Carson wentz went 5-6 in 2018 vs the softest part of schedule nick foles was a dropped catch away from winning another Super Bowl in 2018. So these fake exudes blaming team are evaporated we saw entire team offense defense and special teams play much better once the poison wentz was replaced by foles

  20. Carson wentz has had an average of 4 Seconds or more on every drop back this year and he has wide open receivers all game foles would be 9-1 right now with this team

  21. I’ve seen this movie before. Highly-drafted QB shows a lot of promise so team foolishly gives him a huge contract only to see said QB become worse and worse and eventually gets rid of QB whose best attribute was taking his paycheck. Which QB am I talking about? Blake Bortles, a man who is currently on the Broncos practice squad. Carson Wentz is Bortles 2.0.

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