Cam Newton has an answer for why J.J. Watt had four deflections

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After the Texans’ upset of the Patriots, J.J. Watt tweeted a Dikembe Mutombo GIF without comment. Anybody who saw Sunday’s game gets it: J.J. Swat was back.

The Texans defensive end had three deflected passes in nine games this season heading into Sunday. He had a career-best four against Cam Newton.

One of those came on third-and-four from the Houston 24 with 1:20 remaining and the Patriots trying to tie the game. It denied Newton a chance for a completion to N'Keal Harry.

“He’s J.J. Watt,” Newton said, with a chuckle. “He’s an All-Pro, perennial All-Pro. He’s a defensive player of the year, one of the best players in this generation. So for us, it is what it is. They get paid, too. So for us to go against that, I’m not saying we fold up the tent, but at the same time, they’re going to make plays just like we’re going to make plays, and we just can’t get bent out of shape when that happens.”

Watt made only two tackles, including one for loss, and had no sacks, but his four pass breakups were huge.

Last year, Watt had three deflections in eight games, and he had four in 16 games in 2018. Watt had 16 in 2012 and 10 in 2014, the only two times he has had double-digit pass breakups in a season.

Watt was asked if it was fun “being able to swat down all those passes like you used to do all the time back in the day?”

“Yeah, I still do it. Just did today,” he said.

11 responses to “Cam Newton has an answer for why J.J. Watt had four deflections

  1. Remember those heady days last week when the Patriots had turned things around and
    were headed for a division title?

  2. Watching the Patriots with Cam Newton has made me realize something, Josh McDaniels is to Tom Brady what Adam Gase was to Peyton Manning.

  3. Talking about Cam Newton as the problem is absurd. It would be great if he could lead a comeback one of these days, sure, but it would be much better if a comeback would not be required, namely given how putrid is supporting cast is!

    The number of missed tackles from the Patriots defense yesterday, albeit the continuation of an unfortunate ‘trend’ this season, was just ridiculous and embarrassing!

    The lack of coverage of the tight ends during the first half of the game, ludicrous…BB should have moved Gilmore but given how he is playing this year probably there were no takers.

    But yeah…the problem was with the QB and the batted passes!!!

  4. And to add insult to injury…the Texans were without starters on their offensive line…0 sacks…the supposedly vaunted running game of New England…went nowhere against the worst run defense in the league..but, yeah, Cam is the problem…because he failed to pick up the blitz on the final play…James White was like a deer in the headlights on that one…but, yeah, we need to look for another QB!!! That’s the priority for this team…

  5. Another close loss at the end of a game the Pat’s have gone thru alot and still been in most of the games I’m proud of them keep grinding boys ignore the noise.

  6. They played hard for 60 minutes. It’s all you can ask of them. Other than the SF debacle, they compete. Defense needs to generate some interior pressure. Opposing QB’s aren’t being pressured, and DB’s can’t cover for that long. Losing Collins, Van Noy, Shelton and Hightower in one offseason was difficult to overcome. I’m certain this will be addressed in free agency.

  7. Cam buddy, please keep throwing balls into the ground, please keep losing. We need to move up in the draft order. Thx.

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