Derrick Henry TD helps Titans top Ravens in overtime

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In a back-and-forth battle between two AFC playoff contenders, the Titans came out on top with a Derrick Henry overtime touchdown giving the Titans a 30-24 win.

It was one of this season’s biggest games in terms of its playoff implications, with the Titans improving to 7-3 and the Ravens falling to 6-4. Henry had 133 yards on the game, playing well against the Ravens just as he did in last year’s postseason.

Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown got the Titans a fourth-quarter lead when he made one of the best plays of this NFL season, catching a short pass on third-and-10 and then turning up field and running over multiple Ravens on his way to the end zone for a touchdown.

For the Ravens, Lamar Jackson managed 186 yards passing and 51 yards rushing. It wasn’t a bad game for Jackson, but it continues a season-long trend of Jackson looking just OK, not spectacular as he did last year.

The Ravens now head to a Thanksgiving meeting with Pittsburgh in which they have to worry that a loss will knock them not only out of the AFC North, but potentially out of the wild card race as well. The Titans, however, confirmed that they’re contenders in the AFC.

31 responses to “Derrick Henry TD helps Titans top Ravens in overtime

  1. Gimmick offense only works for one season just like it did with sorry Kap in SF.

    Jackson is not a QB

    Everyone told you.

  2. AJ Brown couldn’t catch anything in the 1st half but on that late go ahead drive for Tennessee he put the team – and a couple Ravens – on his back to get that TD. Titans down by 11 but win by 6. Not a good look for Baltimore.

  3. Poor Harbaugh….and he didn’t shake hands after the game. I guess that’s what happens when you realize your QB is terrible and they are out of the playoff hunt.

  4. That was a “last guy with a tooth in his mouth wins the fight” slugfest. They were all over each other. Nobody lost that one. It was really fun to watch.

  5. While lot of arm chair experts looking smarter than the “experts” on this Ravens running back that’s listed as a QB on the depth chart. Like was already said, gimmicks only work for a limited time.

  6. Is this Groundhog Day? Lamar was bad again. Yes, one nice throw to Andrews for a TD. But otherwise yet another sub-200 yard passing day, a pick, and he missed many wide open receivers.
    The contrast between him and DeShaun Watson was striking today. DeShaun is a QB who can throw and scramble, Lamar is a running back who can scramble and not throw very well.
    The Ravens are toast.

  7. thetooloftools says:
    November 22, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Nobody lost that one.
    OK Ravens fan.

  8. Henry reminds me those clips of tanks running through buildings and over trees. I’m glad I get to watch all those guys tackle him from my safe living room.

  9. That was a clinic how NOT to tackle on the Brown TD & Henry run. Ravens now behind Clowns in division. Can’t wait to see the Lamar Jax contract extension next yr. LMAO.

  10. See the lamar haters are out but it wasn’t him that allowed Tennessee to go 90 yards to tie the game.

  11. Bad tackling for the Ravens in the second half. Titannehill recovered for another comeback win with Corey Davis and the offensive line stepping up as well.
    Jackson missed on two TD passes and has to set his feet better for accuracy but the Raven receivers continue to struggle with dropped passes.

  12. I am not a Lamar hater. I’ve been watching football for only 40 years. I have seen many innovations in the game but the running QB never works over time. In order to have sustained success at the QB position you need to be accurate and you need to make the right reads (including protecting the ball).
    Lamar is not accurate and he makes poor decisions. Especially in “big” games, and he does this consistently.
    You can’t win with a QB who throws for less than 200 yards a game. Period.
    I know the reality is difficult to accept for Ravens fans who inexplicably put Lamar on the Mt Rushmore of GOAT QBs after one decent regular season run. He has no playoff wins, he is regressing, defenses have adjusted, and the truth hurts.
    It ain’t hate, it’s simply reality. There is no more debate.

  13. Leadership: advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority. Discipline: is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standards. The Ravens lack both. Yanda was the glue that held the offense together and that is gone. The defense has gotten very soft on the back end and there is not enough up front to help that out. No one is willing or can step up to take the reins. It has been said that an NFL Head Coach life span is roughly 10 years (Cleveland excepted). He loses his message and that message goes stale on the team. Is the message gone? Time will tell. I do know this. Whatever they think is wrong, AIN’T IT! The QB has regressed, bad habits have reformed, and to his defense though, he does not have a lot to work with. Dobbins will be a beast. Edwards is. thats about it. Baltimore is not the Baltimore of old. However, they aren’t the new Baltimore either.

  14. Another game, another bad performance by Lamar, another loss. And more excuses for Lamar’s poor play.
    Why is he the only QB nobody is willing to criticize? What makes him untouchable? He’s an athletic dude who is not a good QB. It was obvious last year, and now the Ravens are in serious trouble as a result.

  15. nflhistorybuff68 says:
    November 22, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    . . . Titannehill . . .

    That’s a good one.

  16. Note to the Baltimore Murdering Blackbirds – that play is what a real running back does in a game. He doesn’t wear a QB number. He doesn’t pass the ball. And he improves as the game goes on. It was a delicious play. Suddenly the Baltimore Murdering Blackbirds have no luster and no playoff spot. And Lame is just another Halloween Costume wearing fool with bad hair and a visage that looks like no one is home.

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