Joe Burrow suffers left leg injury

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, the first overall pick in the 2020 draft, has suffered a left leg injury during Sunday’s game at Washington.

Moving carefully and not putting weight on the left leg, Burrow was helped to a cart.

Burrow has been fearless throughout the season, taking plenty of hits and shrugging at them.

He also has performed incredibly well, becoming one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. Whatever the injury, here’s hoping that it’s not serious, and that he’ll be back soon.

34 responses to “Joe Burrow suffers left leg injury

  1. I’m not a Bengals fan, but the league suffers when good young talent isn’t available to play. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  2. This coaching staff should be fired for not addressing this offensive line in the offseason and defending its play all year. What a shame they allowed this to happen to arguably the brightest young star in the game. He’s been getting hammered all year and it finally caught up. Hopefully a speedy recovery.

  3. Not good. This year had been something. I’ve never seen so many gruesome injuries in one year.

  4. Feel so bad for Cincy fans and Burrow. Just a truly classy player, hope he keeps the chin up, such a bright future.

  5. Injury looked really bad. Knee might be blown up. Hope the kid has a quick recovery, but I doubt we see him again this season.

  6. Joe Burrow has been fun to watch but you shouldn’t put out your rookie franchise QB without a semi decent offensive line.

    The hits he has taken remind me of what happened with the Texans and the older Carr brother. 32 sacks in 9 games and who knows how many QB hits.

  7. Hate to see this happen to Burrow but at the same time these announcers are so biased towards the Bengals! They are praying that Cincinatti wins!

  8. Man, he was such an exciting guy to watch. I figured it was only a matter of time before that offensive line got him hurt. I haven’t seen the play nor do I think I want to. I just hope he’s OK. He’s such a nice guy.

  9. Yes the o line’s awful but this was a freakish injury where the timing was just perfect. He was hit in the back up high just as he threw the ball and planted his left leg and at that very exact moment another player was blocked into his left leg. On the other hand the more times your quarterback gets hit the more likelihood there is going to be a freakish accident that happens.

    This sucks

  10. That sucks. Having Anthony Munoz back in his prime wouldn’t save this line or whoever dares takes snaps behind it

  11. They should have taken the Dolphins offer for the first pick. He’s going to be another Carr or Tannehill playing for that team.

  12. Burrow is so good. He get’s the ball out on time. He made it hard for the Washington d-line to get pressure. Hope he’s okay. Hate to elite talent on the sidelines due to injury.

  13. Another Dysfunctional Team ruins a persons career. When will the NFL start forcing Owners to sell there team if they can not get there act together.

  14. Was looking forward to BIGBLU on to Cincinnati next week and facing Burrows , he was playing outstanding football.. All the best to him on his recovery..

  15. Kraft Productions says:
    November 22, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    And who did it? Reveal the criminal!!!
    One of his teammates blocked a WSH player backwards onto his leg.

  16. As a Browns fan I’ll just say that I hope he recovers and gets back in as soon as possible. Sure, we (Browns fans) want our team to win, and to beat Cincy – but we want ’em to beat the best Cincy has to offer. Burrow’s a top-notch QB and the Bengals are lucky to have him. I hope he quickly makes a full recovery and plays for many more years. Best wishes.

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