John Harbaugh: There wasn’t an issue with Mike Vrabel

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh appeared to wave off Mike Vrabel when the Titans head coach approached him to shake hands after the game.

Harbaugh said that wasn’t the case.

“After the game, there wasn’t an issue,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “Coach Vrabel, was down there celebrating in the end zone, and then he came back around and shook hands.”

Vrabel likewise didn’t make an issue of it after the game.

He responded “absolutely not” when asked if Harbaugh refused to shake hands.

There was no denying the teams’ pregame to-do, which led to the coaches’ spirited chat. Harbaugh called that “irrelevant.”

The Titans beat the Ravens in overtime on Derrick Henry‘s 29-yard touchdown run.

12 responses to “John Harbaugh: There wasn’t an issue with Mike Vrabel

  1. stubborndata says:
    November 22, 2020 at 6:23 pm
    Toxic masculinity. It’s 2020 boys, time to grow up.

    You’re the same person who would complain if they shook hands because of COVID

  2. this guy and his brother are the two biggest poor sports I’ve ever seen. absolutely shameful and classless.

  3. I feel like we just have to move on from John. The team is just treading water. Even if they back into the playoffs it’s another one and done. Clean the coaching staff out, go after a new age offensive coach like the Chiefs OC, and see if Lamar can be salvaged because his contract year is coming up and you can’t possibly be comfortable throwing all that money at him after this year. You have to see what he can do with a forward thinking offensive coach.

  4. John, you might be better off directing your energy on your actual sinking ship of a football team. The glaring and obvious problem is that you believed Lamar was more than just an athletic running QB. Your offense was neat last season for a number of games in the regular season, but it’s not revolutionary even though you kept telling us it was. Actually, your offense stinks. It turns out when your QB cannot throw the ball reliably or with any accuracy it’s hard to keep the smoke-and-mirrors RPO and motionings from masking what is otherwise a very limited attack. Defenses have adapted, Lamar is going backwards, and your playoff hopes are crumbling.
    Maybe get that bluetooth guy back on the sidelines? Or try to change the rules again?

  5. His only issue with Vrabel is that he showed the entire NFL how to counter one-read Lamar. Cover the short passes then limit his running. Make him win the game with his arm. He can’t.

  6. It’s not just that Harbaugh is a whiny little baby, although it’s a pretty bad look for the Ravens. The real issue is he doesn’t have what it takes to win Super Bowls. Pretty clear last year’s gimmicky college offense was his high water mark . He’s had his chance.Time to move on.

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